spider-man villians?

if you could be any spider-man villian who would it be & why ?

what other spider-man villians would u like to replace peter parker as spider-man besides otto octavius?

Posted by PeppeyHare

Not sure who I'd want to be but I don't want anyone else to replace Pete. I like Superior but I'd rather not have his body get passed around between psychopaths

Edited by Mega_spidey01

i would be dr. octopus because he's a genius villian.

Posted by oceanmaster21

i love superior and i would be kaine. electro kraven goblin or lizzard

Posted by gunmetalgrey

Mysterio or Chameleon 'cause I'm the deceptive type.

I wouldn't want it to actually happen, but I think it would be interesting to see Rhino in Pete's body just 'cause it's so different from what he's accustomed to in terms of the body type and the added agility.

Posted by Strider92

The Black Tatantula (Carlos LaMuerto). He would be a badass Spider-man.