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@xerox-kitty said:

"absolutely NONE of them would ever pose naked for a photo shoot."

Totally RIGHT. For me, I'm wearing hijab, but I know some girls do not and actually some wear bikini!!. But they will never accept the idea of posing naked for photoshoot, and if one wants to, she would hesitate and asking herself million questions before to do so.



"That isn't even touching on the fact that Monet never prays."

   This is a MUST. and the most important pillar in Islam.




"Religion in comics shouldn't be an off-hand comment."

 Hmm, I got 2 meanings .. do you mean that comics shouldn't bring that? or 'we' who shouldn't talk about it?
lol, still learning :*)




" @joshmightbe said:

 I even know atheists that go to church every sunday "


That made me LMAO!, wtf are they even athiest for then?"

 lol, me too! and I'm wondering!. I read what SC wrote. I agree about society and family point *nods*.
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As a Muslim girl , I think it is exaggerated to be M a Muslim. But this does not mean that it is impossible to find Muslim girls do as they M do, but they are very few. Something else, Islam is a religion like any other heavenly religion, if you do good you would be rewarded if you misdeed you would be guilt.
In contrast, we can say that Sooray (Dust) an ideal example of the Muslim girl . This is my opinion :).
Btw, I agree with xerox-kitty ^_^

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Flood x_x ..
please remove the 6 extra issues and leave the 1st one from the left.

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