Evil Organisation Names?!


I am writing a comic which has an evil organisation that dates back to the 1800s. The inspiration for the group is The Black Glove which is an organisation led by Dr Hurt that killed Batman In Batman RIP!

If you could please help me out with any name suggestions similar to The Black Glove that would be great! I understand that it is quite a strange request!

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Posted by CrimsonCake

Barrel Corps.

Posted by Mediumflyer7

@CrimsonCake: I like the name but not for what I am looking for. I am trying to think of a name which doesn't have a super villain ring to it. The book I am writing is set in london and the organisation I am talking about are a hidden group that control the undergrounds of london. They are meant to be a bit similar to the Talons except I don't what them to have any superpowers or a name like the talons.

Its quite hard to explain :|

Posted by KnightRise

Bixlow Commons

The Shirefront

The Firm


Forward Gate

Knights of her Queen's Nethers

The Old Youngmen

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@Mediumflyer7: The Court of Order. The Court of Justice. The New World Order. The Union of Justice. The Union of Order.

Posted by Mediumflyer7

Some of these are brilliant. Thank you! You have definitely given me inspiration for the name!

Posted by Mediumflyer7

@thespideyguy: I like this as well. I will write more of the story and see what I think fits best.

Posted by Loki9876

@CrimsonCake: bro?

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The Covering For The HandLacking Hue And Brightness

It's the perfect name for an evil organization! I took inspiration from The Black Glove