NEWS: New Arkham Origins "Multiplayer Mode"

<p>'Kotaku' has reportedly been tipped in on new multiplayer features, in the upcoming game 'Arkham City'. Unlike the two other games, the game is said to have a "multiplayer mode" and you will have a wide variety of characters to play.</p><p>"during at least one section of multiplayer, you play as a member of Joker or Bane's gang while trying to take down Batman and Robin. The villains involved—who may be playable and customizable—include Killer Croc, Deadshot, Firefly, Black Mask, Deathstroke, and "some kind of Electroman character," our tipster said. (Maybe Electrocutioner?)"</p><p>I am curious to find out more about this option. I would have preferred, instead, if we could choose to play as a member of the bat family and kick butts with our friends (free roam) around Gotham but we'll have to wait and see what this new feature will be like!</p>


DC Mayhem Presents: Adventure Comics #1: The Emerald Archer

Welcome to the debut of Green Arrow to the DC Mayhem Universe! This is the first fan-fic I have posted on Comic Vine so I hope you like my interpretation of Green Arrow. The changes I have made will become clearer around #3! Enjoy!

The Emerald Archer (p.1/5)


Oliver Queen's Journal Entry #1

May 15, 2004

It was calm before the storm. Literally and metaphorically. My father had bought me a yacht for my 25th birthday and it was massive. It had six bedrooms, each with an amazing view of the sea and its own bathroom. The boat even had it's own eight person jacuzzi! It was going to be the best summer of my life. I was bringing my Mum and Dad out for their first cruise on the new boat. My best friend since university, Antony Farrell was also joining us and last but not least; Two nameless blonde twins we found in the Black Canary (a bar we visited while in gotham). My parents are used to it!

We were about 20 miles away from Star City and the weather was getting worse. Black clouds were fast approaching and my Father, who was operating the boat, decided to turn around and head back for Star City. I was standing in front of my bedroom window looking out at the sea, but what I was actually doing was staring at my reflection. That's who I used to be, although deep down that was never me. The playboy act was never who I was. Sure, I enjoyed the luxuries it came with but I knew I wanted to be more then that.

I could hear my father shouting upstairs. He seemed to be panicked over something. I suddenly heard a massive smash and the sound of girls screaming. Puzzled, I started to walk towards the door to see what the noise was about but before I reached the door I heard the sound of a machine gun. The very sound sent chills running through my body. I froze for a minute then rushed upstairs, dreading what I was about to walk into.

A light from a helicopter was shining down upon the yacht. As I walked outside I stumbled over the dead body of my Mother. At that moment, I had no feelings of anger or sadness. I was in a complete state of shock and everything was a blur. I looked around and the scene was filled with blood and gore. The jacuzzi had turned red and the bodies of two girls were floating at the top. My eye caught the attention of the shooter. He was facing away from me but as he turned around I caught a glimpse of him. He was wearing a black ski mask and was wearing one red goggle over only one of his eyes.

I tried to jump overboard before he saw me but he shot me in the foot immediately. The assassain had lethal reflexes and a killer aim. I fell overboard and collapsed into the stormy water. The rest was a flash. A rush of memories and feelings. An epiphany almost. I saw my Mother. A woman who in her own difficult way, loved me then more then anyone else world and I know that. I saw Antony. My best friend for seven years. He came from a wealthy family in Gotham City. After we became friends are families became very close as well. We had so much in common and identical interests. I saw my Father. A man who has been there for me my whole life and taught me everything I know. How to run a massive global business. Combat. Archery. Technology. He also gave me my charm with the ladies! He's the man who I love the most in the entire world. Then I imagined the dead bodies of my loved ones as they had been shot. The fear they must have gone through before they died. The pain. My heart flooded with loneliness, pain and regret. Soon those feelings filled with black and anger as I pictured the killer. I filled myself with vengeance and motivation. Motivation to avenge the people Iove. I saw the light and I followed it. I felt myself rising. rising. I had risen. I awoke from the shore and looked around. I was surrounded by sea and behind me was a massive island. I realised what had happened. I'm stranded. No way off.

I'm trapped!


Star City

May 16, 2004


A masked man walked out of the golden elevator and looked around the room. His name is Floyd Lawton although he is feared by many under the name Deadshot, 'The man who never misses'. He is a hired assassin and is considered one of the best. The room is massive and the window has a huge stunning view of Star City. He saw the man sitting in a chair facing the window.

"Did they find his body" The man in the chair asked.

"Not yet although I'm pretty certain he's dead." Deadshot said while walking towards the man.

The man was silent.

"I shot him in the foot as he fell into the stormy sea. He must have drowned." Floyd said trying to persuade the man.

The man turns around and said "Thank you Floyd. Your job is done and I will have you paid as promised. Now leave me...

I must celebrate!"



What make a Great First Issue? (for a new character)

How to Write a Great First Issue?

I suppose since each character has a different feel there isn't one definitive answer to this question, but the main question I am answering is: What makes a good issue 1 for a character you know nothing about. What pulls you into that new character? What makes you want to continue picking up the comic each month?

Remember a first issue is setting up the character, plot, villains and/or side characters.

One of the most important factors in making a great first issue and an overall good series is how interesting the concept and plot is. The origins and plots have to be original. In my opinion government rouge stories bore me now because I feel like I've read the book before. An example of this is this weeks INSURGENT #1. The problem wasn't the structure or the art (even though that was bad too), It was the fact that the concept was so unoriginal and done to death that I lost interest in the book immediately, which is an example of a bad first issue. Think of situations you could give the character and try and give the plot an original twist. You need to consider whether or not the issue is an origin story. How do you want people to be introduced to your character?

When creating a character, consider their feelings, personality, setting and situation. Lets imagine we are creating an X-men type of character who is an outcast to the world. He might be an anti-hero, feeling angry and mad at the world for turning against him, or he could be a do-gooder desperately trying to make peace with humanity. It depends on your vision of the character and what you think will be most interesting. It is important you come up with a personality for your character and use that personality in his dialog. This will make the character more distinct and recognisable. Whether or not the character is relatable or a jerk, giving him an interesting personality will give the readers more interest into your character.

Another important thing in making the story interesting is side characters and villains. Giving the hero side characters gives you more story to tell and also gives the book something extra apart from the Hero VS. Villain story which will certainly be boring on its own. In future issues you can get away with an all Hero VS. Villain plot (for example this weeks Batman #16) but for an issue one, you definitely need to set up the future plot.

If you want the villain to be featured in the first issue you need to be setting up who the villain is, what is his motive how is he introduced and so on. Introducing your villain and plot will make people interested in picking up #2 which is what you want. How interesting and threatening is your villain? I posted a topic blog on What Makes A Scary Comic Villain so if you want any ideas then read the comments. Also this blog will help you distinguish what sort of villain you want him/her to be.

So now you have a plot, character, villains and side characters and you need to put it into a story. Structure is another key thing you need for an interesting first issue and there are many different ways to do it. You need to think to yourself "How do I want to put this into a story". Read through different issues and get inspiration. The structure I'm using for my first issue is: 2 page hook at the beginning which is a scene from the end of the arc, set up of charatcer, side character and origin (origin explained in dialog) and gradually leading to a cliff hanger with the villain introduced.

I hope this makes someone want to start writing a comic book. I also want to know what you think.

let me know what you think makes a good first issue in the comments!

Thank you for reading. (If you disagree or want me to change/add anything then just tell me)


Evil Organisation Names?!


I am writing a comic which has an evil organisation that dates back to the 1800s. The inspiration for the group is The Black Glove which is an organisation led by Dr Hurt that killed Batman In Batman RIP!

If you could please help me out with any name suggestions similar to The Black Glove that would be great! I understand that it is quite a strange request!


What Do You Think Of The Name Of My Character?

I wanted to post this blog because I am writing my first ever comic book but I'm having major second thoughts about his name. His is a reptil like creature who is green but still has features of a human. He looks most similar to Anole and the main plot is him trying to discover origin and dealing with being different. The world has labelled him as a monster and in the story this is how he gets his name. I decided to call him Freak-Boy early on but I have been having second thoughts. I can't come up with any original other names! It would be appreciated if you could post what you think of the name


What I Want From A New SPOILER ongoing!

Stephanie Brown/New Batgirl

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog on why it could be risky for Stephanie Brown to return to the New 52! I basically discussed my thoughts on how I have not liked how DC have rebooted a few characters I liked. For example I feel that Tim Drake doesn't feel like the same character I loved in Red Robin. But although I am concerned for what a reboot of Stephanie Brown could be, if done well I would love it. Stephanie was the first DC book i seriously got into reading. I picked up her Batgirl series and adored it. And with more and more hints that Stephanie will return to the DC universe, this is everything I want the book to be.

What I Want The Plot of the Book to be About!

In the series she would still have been Batgirl but not robin. If you think about it she still could have fitted in to the five year time line of DC (First barbara for 2 years, then Cassandra for 2 years and then Stephanie for 1 year). She gave up being Batgirl because she wanted to go off on her own mission which is to stop her father, the Cluemaster! She would talk (similar to in Nightwing #1) about being her own identity and not having a bat in the front of her name. Her personality would be similar to her run in Batgirl except she would be less of a rookie and more focused on trying hunt her father. In the New 52 Arthur Brown (cluemaster) won't be such a ridiculous character. He will be more like Riddler in Arkham City, leaving coordinates to the location of his next victim and stuff like that. I also want her friendship with Cassandra Cain to still exist. Friendship in comics make them more relatable in my opinion. Another thing I would include is that she used to be the girlfriend of Tim Drake. If it were up to me I would rekindle relationship and I think It would also be interesting if she teamed up with Barbara Gordon.

Batgirl #24

Her Appearance!

I want her to have a purple face mask like the rebooted Red Robin does with her hair tied back. I also what her to have a body suit similar to the one in this picture except no bat symbol.

Creative Team

Gail Simone and Marcus To would be my ideal creative team for the book. I chose Gail Simone because she has recently said she would be very exited to write a book with Stephanie Brown in it and I think it is very important that a writer likes the character that they are writing about. She also has a lot of experience in writing fierce females. I chose Marcus To because I love the simplicity of his art and I've seen a few drawings he's done of Stephanie and liked them.

So thats what I would look for in a Stephanie Brown/Spoiler Book. Do you agree? What do you think of my creative team choice?


Why I Think Bringing Stephanie Brown Back Is A Bad Idea!

Ok I admit the title isn't entirely true. If done well, I would love a Stephanie Brown book but looking back at what the New 52 has done with characters I love so far I don't think bringing her back is such a great idea. The most recent example of the New 52 screwing up good characters for no purpose is by Scott Lobdell in the upcoming Teen Titans #0. For no good reason he has altered Red Robin so he was never robin. I would be okay with this if it was important but it's just not. I'm very confident Scott Lobdell could have written his story just the same without having to go and do that. and WHY has he actually done this?... for sales. To get people talking. Which in a way is a good thing but the New 52 is really starting to annoy me with it's controversial gimmicks! I don't hate the whole New 52 because to be honest there are some very good books from it. I just think it could have been done a lot better. They could have done what marvel done and made it one year in the future and not f***ed up DC continuity. That would have made more sense since its called the New 52 (year). So with Dan Didio teasing that Stephanie Brown has a future, I wouldn't be surprised if Stephanie returns as some miserable, grumpy teenager. I took part in the Waffles for Stephanie campaign but I do we're if their going to make this debate properly we should ask for her back the way she was.


The Best Villain Choices for 'The Amazing Spiderman 2'!!

Warning: This movie contains a very slight spoiler from the Amazing Spiderman ending!

The first chapter to 'the Amazing Spiderman' movies was released in cinema's last month. Different people had mixed reactions but the overall reaction was that it was good. The villain of the movie was The Lizard , also known as Curt Connors. The lizard played a good enough role in the movie. His origin was similar to his origin in the comics and he was certainly threatening enough. But who's going to star in the next sequel, rumoured for 2014. At the end of the movie a locked up Curt Connors was visited my a mysterious visitor. I'm assuming that this mystery man is going to be the villain of the next movie but I could be wrong! Here are my thoughts on who the next villain could be.

6. The Rhino

Rhino is a poster for the video game.

The Rhino is certainly not the man at the end of the movie. The man at the end looked old, skinny and had white hair (which make me think vulture) but it could certainly make sense for Rhino to be part of AS2! The Lizard in the movie was originally a human but was then turned into a monster like lizard after he took some sort of formula. Isn't it possible that a similar formula could be made again or could have been already made and makes the Rhino. This could be a good movie but it it would be too similar to the first movie and each movie should have a different feel. Also the Amazing Spiderman video game had a similar story line so the chances of seeing Rhino isn't very likely but it would be cool.

5. The Vulture

I think the Vulture because the man in the end of the movie (although he had hair) looked old. The Vulture, along with the lizard, has been anticipated for a role in a spiderman movie since all the way back in 2007 when spiderman 3 was released. He was supposed to be in 'Spiderman 4' with Lizard, Carnage and possibly a new villain... the Vultures daughter!!! (that would have been so funny) So we have these facts but would the Vulture actually be good in a Spiderman movie? I think not on his own. Chuck him in with another villain and he might be alright but he's not that much of a threat to Spiderman.

Is he a worthy villain for the movie? What do you think?

4. Mysterio or Electro

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3

I'v put these two together because there's no real reason why they should be put in the movie apart from being cool. Electro would be a cool villain in the movie but probably wont be very scary or interesting to viewers. Mysterio on the other hand, there's a lot you could do with him. Mysterio is an expert in special effects and stage illusions. Try tell me that wont be absolutely great in a movie. And if the writers kept all of spideys rouges alive for another few movies (preferably six) they could eventually make a sinister six movie.

So what do you think of Mysterio?

3. Green Goblin

Unlettered art from Thunderbolts

The Green Goblin is a very obvious choice obviously because of the famous storyline where Gwen Stacy is tragically killed by the green goblin. Its not confirmed (i dont think) whether there is going to be a third movie but if there is going to be one Norman Osborn is most certainly going to be flying around wearing a green mask in it. Think about it, why on earth would they put Gwen Stacy in a spiderman movie if they weren't planning on chucking her off a bridge. It is possible though that the producers might want to get this story over and done with so they can get onto new things (new love interests) but my thoughts are that since this will be so anticipated they will drag it out in the 3rd movie.

2. Jackal


A lot of people are speculating that the mysterious figure at the end was in fact evil Dr. Miles Warren! The Jackal has a connection to both Peter and Gwen so it would make sense for him to be a part of the movie. You might not know an awful lot about the character so let me educate you. Miles was a professor at the school that Gwen Stacy attened. He grew a fondness for her but when Gwen died in the hands of the Green Goblin, Miles blamed Spiderman. Dr. Warren started putting Jackal DNA into his body as part of his experiments. He grew stronger and transformed into the Jackal. He hunted spiderman in an attempt to avenge Gwen. He also had suspicions that peter was spiderman and eventually found out spideys big secret. Him and Norman Osborn then created a more powerfull clone of Peter Parker which escaped. The clone was called Kaine.

The writers could recreate this origin so that it could take place before gwen's death. I think that it would be pretty cool if Jackal didn't turn into Jackal into a later movie but in this one creates Kaine, who would be the movies main villain. So theres no surprise number one on my list is...

1. Kaine

Amazing Spider-Man #610

So Kaine being number one doesn't mean he is most likely to appear in the movie. It just means he is the villain I would like to see the most. as I said before. Miles Warren could make a more powerful clone of Peter Parker which goes up against Spiderman. He could start off bad, being controlled by Miles Warren maybe, but in the end become good like he did in the comics. He could even have his own spin off 'Scarlet Spider' like he did in the comics.

What do you think?

So Kaine and Jackal are the two villains I want to see in 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' series. Whats yours? And If you liked this blog I will be soon posting a blog on what I think Marvel should do with their Amazing Spiderman franchise in the future.


Your Suicide Squad line up??

One of my favourite books right now is Suicide squad!! In the book the members change pretty much every second issue, so here's a simple question. Who's in your suicide squad line up!! Mine is this...

* Deadshot - Deadshot because he's been around for years and I cant imagine SS without him.

* Cheshire - I notices 'Revamp' include her in his list. She is a strong character and would certainly be interesting.

* Talon ( Alton Carver ) - I thought a member of The Talons would be awsome. He appeared in Batman: the Dark Knight #9

* Bronze Tiger (rebooted) - Bring back an ol' classic to make the team more brilliant.

* Killer Croc - Every SS line up needs at least one giant monster. Since I hate King shark, crocs on the team.

* Livewire - who the f***s Livewire you may ask. Livewire is (in my opinion) a terribly underrated superman villain who

hasnt appeared in a comic in ages.

... So that was mine but whats yours?

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