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I saw eleven different people dressed as Misty from Pokemon. Just sayin.

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This is just an abomination.

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All the First Class promos have been painfully bad so far. On the other hand the movie looks much better than I expected. Must be in Bizarro world.

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I think it's fine if you don't sperg over the technical definitions of the words. The emotions of the corps are much more than simply the single words given.  Willpower is also bravery and sentience (which is perfect for it being the neutral center and core of the emotional spectrum). Love is devotion and passion. Compassion is sacrifice, selflessness, and empathy. Hope is optimism, faith, and renewal. Fear is pessimism, control, sadism. Avarice is selfishness, greed, and gluttony. Rage covers everything from vengeance to violence. 
If your really look at the corps and not simply take them at name value you can see a whole series (or maybe tones) of emotion within their umbrellas.

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This is great. I'm really happy to hear DC is branching out to the other corps for series. Of the other corps I'd most like to see more of Red and the Star Sapphires in their own series, so this is exactly what I wanted.

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I was skeptical at first, but the trailer assuaged any doubts I had. The movie Sinestro looks great.

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@ThanosIsMad said:
" ...The problem Pre-COIC was that it was hard to determine which Earth the stories fit in.  For example, Batman was doing his own thing, but seeing as Batman was active in Earth-One books and Earth-Two books, they couldn't easily determine which continuity the acts fit in since everything was going on at once.   There was no definite continuity, no prime universe, so they destroyed everything and put everything in one universe.  Now that they have one, main universe to work in, they can bring back the multiverse because no matter what happens in a Superman book or Wonder Woman book, it takes place in the main universe unless otherwise stated since all of their mainstrays are on the same planet, which wasn't the case pre-COIC.  And if they want to do stories with specific characters, like the JLA, acting as if no other superteams are on the planet, they can write stories for Earth-16 and not have anyone confuse them for things taking place on New Earth (the main DCU) or Earth-1 (another New Eaeth counterpart) "
This is a good point I hand't seen brought up before. 
It's good to know I basically got the important points of these story arcs.
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I've been trying for the last year or so to get up to speed on the DC Universe-- basically from scratch. Even now (and with the help of the CV wiki and comics I've read), I'm still very confused on what the purpose and results of the various Crisis events were. I'd like to know what the consequences of each event were in relation to the current state of the DCU.
This is what I've pieced together*:  
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths: Consolidated the multiverse into a single universe and so rewrote a number of origins. Superboy Prime, Alexander Luthor, and Earth-2 Superman and Lois Lane go to some sort of pocket paradise dimension.
  • Infinite Crisis: Expanded the consolidated universe into 52 parallel Earths (not exactly sure how). Those who lost their universes and ended up in the paradise dimension grew discontent and shattered their paradise/prison to carry out their own agenda. Retcon Punch?
  • Final Crisis: Darkseid gains the anti-life equation and Batman 'dies'.  
I'm fully prepared to be told I'm partially or totally wrong about some of these things. If I am, I'd appreciate if someone could help set me straight. These events have such far reaching consequences that it's made reading more current issues an exercise in confusion.
*As others post and add to or correct this I will update the OP.