A Vacation at Last: What to Read?

This semester has been a busy one for me. Between college, work, and some semblance of a social life I've been kept with little time to pursue my solo hobbies like reading. But finally the semester is drawing towards a close. I look at my calendar and notice a blank plane of weeks-- devoid of both work and school. At last I can hole away with a blanket and a hot drink, listen to the rain outside my window, and gorge myself on comic books. 
Now the question comes though: What will I read? After months and months of my friend's pushing, I've forced myself to begin the Dresen Files series. With three books down and something like ten more ahead of me, I'm satisfied when it comes to novels. What I really want though is to just hunker down and consume a bunch of comics. I want to see gorgeous art and compelling stories delivered via speech-bubble. 
Over the past few months friends have periodically thrust some books on me (literally). Busy as I've been, these books proceeded to pile up. These include: 

Some of these are familiar series for me (NYX, Batman), but otherwise are fairly or totally alien (Copper, American Vampire). So I certainly have things all queued up and waiting, but that's not enough. 
I know the Comic Vine community is diverse and well traveled, so I reach out to all of you. I've got a little extra cash, a good chunk of free time, and a desire for more books: Give me some suggestions!*  I'd also appreciate comments on the things I have slated to read (see above).

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. I know this was a little tl;dr.
*I prefer trades or collections of series. Series should be published no earlier than the late 90's. My Collection: Favorites list may help provide a sense of the sort of things I know I like. My Wish List and Things to Check Out lists may shed some light on other things I'm interested in.
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