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I've been really worried about Flashpoint.  So, it's nice to see that it's getting some decent reviews.

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She's ridiculously awesome(?)

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@Donovan Montgomery: Nope, no one can use their powers... it's a level-ing ground even if it's kinda mean.
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Here's the scenario:
Three teams of three (with a fourth alternate) meet on a city street at the same time in a chaotic moment.  Not knowing whether or not the other teams are good or bad, they all duke it out.  The one problem, though: No gear, no powers, just pure brawling.  This is an equal playing field for everyone.
The teams:
Mirage (TMNT - the comics not shows) Universe Team:
( Michelangelo Alternate)
The JLA Team:
Wonder Woman
( Wally West alternate)
The Avengers Team: 
Captain America (Steve Rogers)
( Iron Man alternate)
Arguments under the assumption that the character has powers are not valid.  And yes, this means Wolvie can't use claws.
There's some wiggle room with the alternates, but I'm curious as to how this might play out.  And, if anyone else has any suggestions for a possible 4th team to enter, go wild.

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@Nova`Prime`:  One of the member's of the Justice League's day job.  Sort of... Ran by a fox.
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Naturally Quantum Leap.
It just got extremely good in the fifth season and they were prepped for another but then they got canceled.  A giant sham.

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It's weird and I was going for way off topic...
I clip my fingernails about every two weeks.
My toe nails about every 3-4 weeks.
I'm no Sabretooth.
Although, my cat's name is Sabretooth... not because of the character... because she likes to bite my face, mostly.

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@J.C.:  Here you go, I also posted this to the Storm forum if you want to provide me some back up against all the trolls that are about to fling my way:
Super HeroiHOT #22: Storm
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@the_fallen11 said:
" I think he could pull it off, the Riddler never was a physical villain for Batman the battle between these two was always mental, maybe an older Nolan twist  with Robin as the Riddler will work..... "
I agree that if the Riddler is played as a mental villain that's purely there to provide a difficult detective, psychological challenge, then Williams would be a good fit.
@Shipwreck said:
" Anyone but Johnny Depp. I'm so sick of seeing him. There are better actors out there then a guy that literally plays the same character over and over again. Please change the characters mannerisms Johnny, I shouldn't see the 9th gate in Pirates of the Caribbean! "
Agreed.  He just gets tiring and wears me out.
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@J.C.: I have no doubts that she's a strong character and will score big.  I've always been in favor of her even if I haven't read too much.  I really appreciate that, even though she has fulfilled the myth of marriage and of hetero-social coupling, she still remains very powerfully defined as a character and a woman.  The marriage does not take anything away from the character, and, in this strange change, enhances her character by unveiling another dimension.
Damn, you got me started.  I might just write a Storm review tomorrow.
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