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They're back!! 0

Overview: Bendis continues his initiation as a X men writer in the second installment of All New X menThe Good: This story is great from front to back in my opinion. The Art work is simply amazing, Immonen has to be one of the best artist in the industry today and it shows in every panel during this book, it is simply gorgeous in every way. The way Bendis writes the original 5 is very good in my opinion, they are shocked and confused but they are the X MEN DAMN IT, and will not sit back while ot...

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Prodigal: Part 2 0

Ok it's been a while since I have done a Review so bare with me a bit. I will also try to do this without spoiling, so here we go.Overview: The Second Part of the Introduction to Legion, the new main character of the X men Legacy Series.The Good: It was much less confusing in my opinion then the last, it seemed way more obvious what was reality and what wasn't which is a good step for new readers. It also seemed to introduce Legion better in this one, describing his powers / problems ect. I enjo...

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D & D 0

Overview: Wood's run is over & Seth Peck starts is with a close up on Domino and her special guest Daredevil!Good: The story itself was entertaining, i am a fan of Daredevil and it was a nice addition to an X book to see him here, also his interaction with Domino was good. They were funny and had plenty of action through out the book.The Bad: the art was meh, and the question of does this story really matter pops up, alot of people like team ups but this is obviously a transition story that ...

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Tell me What's changed 0

Overview: The Last chapter in the entire AvX saga is here as Consequences 5 wraps it all up and sets the stage for Marvel Now.The Good: the Story itself was fairly solid. I enjoyed seeing Scott's dark side as he made sure to deal with the prisoners and prison warden he felt was bigots against mutants. The Prisoners being the ones to kill Jake got sent to a prison where they couldn't hurt anyone, and the Warden got his Mutant hated prison shut down and a constant reminder of what happens should h...

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Villains it is! 0

Overview: The Fall out of AvX starts to heat up as part 4 of the 5 part mini series hits the shelves!The Good: The Best thing is in a series that seemed determined to show a world of Avengers & X men who have turned on Cyclops and were so sure that he was the next coming of Satan, we finally see the tempers starting to settle and the dust clearing. Finally some people (even Wolverine) acknowledge that Scott isn't a bad man.On top of that we seem some more action from some big characters in A...

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Cable/Cap & Wolverine/Hulk 0

The Overview: The First in the new run of team up series from marvel centering on the Avengers & X-men series.The Good: I have to say i went into this with a pretty grim outlook, books like this typically don't appeal to me. I must say however that both stories were very entertaining, they provided some good laughs and enjoyable moments. I especially liked the first story with Cable & Cap, it gave a much more modern reflection on what Bucky was in history. I don't want to spoil to much o...

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Issue 55 0

Overview: The Twisted Story of Karma's family is continuing and boy do they hold a grudge.The Good: OK honestly their is a lot of "good" in this comic. The Art is pretty good, (not fantastic but good enough) and the story is really intriguing. It is unfolding and yet not drying everything up all at once. It has a nice action scene and really paints the Villain as a total manipulative bitch. I am interested on how they will wrap all this up. Tyger Tiger's role interest me and seeing Wolverine her...

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Consequences 3 0

The Summary: We Delve back into the Consequences of Avengers vs X-men, and it seems to cause more questions then it answers.The Good: OK as much as I am a Fan of Cyclops and the X men in General this issue showed more of the affects of the AvX and that is a good thing. At the same time it gives plenty of face time to both Cyclops and Wolverine. The Panel with Shadowcat & Emma is great, i love them and the little bit with Magik and Storm makes you think. It was good writing that managed to pu...

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The Talk 0

Overview: Logan and Scott come face to face for the first time after the events of AvX.The Good: I am not sure why but the interaction between the two seemed fitting, Scott seemed to be baiting him and it fit his image going forward. I think it did well showing that despite him being happy with the outcome of AvX and the fact that new mutants are here, he still feels guilty over how things came to pass. Also Cyclops is a smart, smart man who is willing to Sacrifice ANYTHING for the preservation ...

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The End 0

Overview: Last issue of Uncanny X-men as we prepare for Marvel now!The Good: It wrapped up a couple of plot lines that would of other wise been left hanging and showed what several of the "extinction" team had been up too since the end of AVX, i was glad to see it touch on Danger who had all but been forgotten during AvX, and the interaction with Scott and his "visitor" was entertaining.The Bad: It's the end!! I have lived my entire life knowing that there would be an issue of Uncanny X men to p...

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Being Human Part 2 0

Overview: The end of the proto mutant saga is finally here, see what happens to the last living proto mutant and how everyone handles it.The Good: The proto Mutant story didn't really pull me in very well to begin with, still as Wood continues to work his magic the story is very solid. I love seeing the conflict between the characters and this issues really shows that, it also shows that Storm may not be perfect. She has came across as none trusting towards Scott and almost as if she has her own...

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Dance like there's no tomorrow 0

Overview: The world is about to end, but Kitty Pryde insist that school goes on like normal (or as normal as it gets for the Jean Grey Academy)The Good: I really enjoyed this issue more then alot of the previous ones, it kept it fun loving vibe while dealing with some very series issues. It was able to delve into the whole End of AvX, acknowledge it and still build it's own story in the process. The attention that Husk is finally getting is really nice considering how much i like the character a...

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The Grand Finale 0

Summary: The Very long Avengers vs X men finally wrap up in this extra sized issue.The Good: Ok, the best part of this entire story is simple. At the start of this very very long story we were promised that after it was all said and done the entire landscape of the marvel universe would change, they did that. Not to go into too many spoilers here but things (especially for the X-men side of the universe) has changed drastically and opened alot of avenues for new stories with new directions.The B...

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Astonishing X-men 54 0

The Good:Honestly i was really down on this title for the last few weeks, today, today when I got this issue i put it at the bottom of my pile and read everything else on my pull list first. I may of saved the best for last. The team has since the start of the story appealed to me, lots of faced that i don't think get enough panel time lately. Gambit, Iceman, karma, Northstar, Dr. Reyes, and very very little Wolverine. The story that had seemed kind of hard to follow at times really tied everyth...

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Human Being 1 of 2 0

The Good:Well the best part if seeing Storm man a team of mutants, i loved the initial concept of the security team flying around in a ship always on the move, working a bit solo from the rest of Utopia. The team itself is great, and the story keeps you guessing in a sort of detective like manner. The art is pretty good, not great but nothing to complain about. I like how Storm has pretty much went rogue, it fits with alot of what Claremount did with her during the Xtreme x-men series.The tensio...

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Legacy 274 0

The Good:It's well written and has great art, i love that we finally get a feeling of resolution we were so lacking after Magento and Rogue go different ways in the schism, the story itself is very emotional and show the Xmen doing what the xmen have done for decades now, Server and protect those who hate them.The Bad:Uh? So AvX is all finished eh? At least that was the vibe i got, problem is it's not finished we still need the last issue of AvX, the whole time line for the tie in's have been of...

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Wolverine's Secret weapon 0

The Good:The best thing of all is we are finally out of this AvX madness and back into the actual comic, not that i have anything against AvX besides it just lasted waaay too long. That aside the story was very entertaining, i enjoyed the art and loved the close up on Doop, it had some very funny panels and was a good read. A Nice piece before we are hopefully put back into the none AvX action of Wolverine & the X men. It was also self contained and a great jumping on point for new readersTh...

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Fight of the Future Conclusion 0

The Good:This story has alot of build up, not only was it a 3 part piece but it goes as far back as when blink first arrived after the schism and Cypher was infected with the little alien thing. This is pretty much the conclusion to the last idk 10 or more issues of this series so if you have enjoyed the build up this is the epic finish you have been waiting for.The bad:It wasn't very epic. I was excited last week the hellions were brought back but they basically were barely used. As a matter of...

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day 4 0

Overview: Day 4 of breaking points hits, this one examines Teresa as she makes a decision on her future that directly affects the rest of X - FactorThe Good: I am a big fan of Peter David's writing and i love how he plants little seeds that he allows to grow over time. This entire story is a big example of those seeds growing. The writing is crisp and the story takes a turn that i personally didn't see coming. From front page to last page i enjoyed it and was happy with the ending, it also left ...

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Fight for the Future 0

The Good:Eww, I hate to say this but not much of it would be ‘good’. I like the basic outline of the story, the whole time travel thing can be really fun, alternate universes have proved a great deal of fun too but this one just seems messy and a bit confusing. So the over all premise I like I think it has a great deal of potential. The bit towards the end where the Hellions return and promise to make sure Doug doesn’t die sets up an interesting way to go.The Bad:I think it’s the delivery, this ...

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A v X Round 11 Review 0

ok so I am new to this, my first review so bare with me, i will try not to give any spoilers away.The Good: Bendis did a great job with the writing, i loved the start with him going after heavier guns and im loving how the action of this is picking up. Honestly as a 12 part series i could pick at least 5 issues they could of cut, This ISNT ONE, it made you fill like this was the final battle. The Whole Interaction with professor X and scott had me hooked in. I loved Ice man's cameo and i think i...

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