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Chamber, Husk, Cannonball, Sage, Bishop. Warpath, Gambit

and i would enjoy the development of 616 Blink

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@tohoma said:

Since Charles is somewhere inside Onslaught do you think he'll come back at the end of the event? Personally I think it is possible but I'd rather he would stay dead.

I havent thought about that but, yea it does seem likely but god i hope not Awesome is right, he needs to be dead for ANY of this to to matter but yea they do seem to bring people back too quick some times

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of these characters I picked Emma Frost, though honestly I like Kitty Pryde just as much.

after that it would probably be a tie between Psylocke, Black Widow, and Spider-woman.

what he said, again lol

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Colossus !!

Thing would be second for me

<3 the FF btw hate they are getting canceled

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She-Hulk takes this one for me, but it's close.

I'm a bit sad to see Storm poling so low, as she'd be a very close second for me, if not just a strait-up tie.

And Captain Marvel and Rogue would be tied, which seems fitting.

This is probably the only one of these I've done where the character who hasn't been an X-man has won, while all three of the characters who have been both X-men and Avengers all rate below her. So does she count for an Avengers vote or an FF one?

I think she has to be FF right?

My vote goes to Storm Btw

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read the avatar lol

Cyclops was right :D and he gets my vote

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Nightcrawler gets my vote, for sure.

we have strangely similar taste lol

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Sue Freakign STorm by a long shot

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big conspiracy theorist, Rachel lives period.

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@ec2277: I agree that having the original 5 go back to where they came from would have to reset the universe in some way. Otherwise, this whole storyline about the original 5 coming to the present would lead up to nothing.

I vote it leads to nothing lmao Also since they insist that the 05 is the cannon 05 then when they go back, prof erases thier memories does some damage control and boom everything is fine OR they go back they reemeber and it creates an alternate time line upon there return that becomes another book about this alternate time line

I really dont believe marvel will start rebooting lol