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@xwraith said:

X-Men vol. 4. The X-Men I fell in love with 10 years ago is back.

do you mean this team?

I only ask because I don't know anyone who started in this period.

I loved that title, i own every issue ;D

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yea the new Astonishing with Iceman were pretty interesting, and yea i can't lie i not digging Wolverine And The X men but other then that I sold atm lol

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@dernman said:

Marvel doesn't have the rights so they can't. Fox's last attempt.

I am sadden to say that i vastly enjoyed that mad for tv movie when it first came out lol, i was super excited for it and wanted more of it after, i have rewatched it since then lol so yea <.< silly me

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Claremont's the king. While he may not have built them out of nothing, he was definitely the writer to first make the X-men truly great. I still think his work from '79-'86 beats any other X-men run for original ideas, character development, and development of the major themes that define the concept of the book. Stories like Proteus, Days of Future Past, God Loves/Man Kills, anything with the Morlocks, the Hellfire Club, Nimrod, Mystique's Brotherhood, The Trial of Magneto, The Mutant Massacre, the original Genosha story were all instant classics that still feel definitive today.

It could be said that his later work seemed far less focused, it could even be argued that he actually wrote more mediocre to bad X-men comics than anyone else, given how long (and how many times) he wrote the characters; but I'd still argue that he wrote more really great classic stories than anyone else too.

Joss Whedon, on the other hand never wrote a bad issue of X-men, his were all great, but he did only write like 25 issues. And, yeah, they are all great, but even he seems to understand that he's essentially doing an homage to the work of Claremont and Morrison.

Grant Morrison probably did just as many great issues as Whedon, even if he did do a lot more that weren't all that great, but I think, overall, he probably added a lot more to the story than most X-men writers have.

I'll always like the years the main books were done by Fabian Nicieza and Scott Loddell, overall; but in retrospect it didn't always feel like they had the freedom to really let the characters develop very much between events, a dilemma still faced by a lot of writers today, it seems.

There's a bunch of current X-men writers that interest me now, too (most of them, actually), but I still feel it's too early for me to judge those guys in comparison to the others I like, given that they're not finished yet.


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@time said:

Claremont, Fabian Nicieza and Scott Loddell are X-Men best writers.Kyle and Yost are also good.

I totally forgot about Lobdell im actually a fan of his, loved his Gen X work, also some one no one else mentioned (and for pretty good reason because he really didn't stay around long enough to be in this convo still) was Ed Brubaker his Rise and Fall of the Shiar arc was a good read

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claremont created something out of nothing, laid the building blocks for anything positive we have had since he left and really set the tone for the entire franchise, wrote most of the memorable stories and created the characters that we all know and love today, until some one else has been on the book a decade or so no one can even attempt to dethrone him

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when did spider man become an x man?

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i love this card game and x men, im eager to check these out lol

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it was good, it was entertaining but it simply wasn't the ground breaking, end all, better then everything run most people seem to make it out to be

at the same time it wasn't the WORST RUN EVER like a few others seem to say, it was good but not claremont i preferred wheldon's follow up alot more and the art was meh