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Gambit takes the WIN!! The Cajun still gots it, quickest poll ive seen go up yet, some one else wants to put up a poll? If not by the time i get on tomorrow i'll do it again lol

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You are a major X-Men writer. Editorial wants to shake things up a bit. Here are your instructions.

  1. Kill 5 X-Men/X-Related characters. At least one major character. Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler and Jean Grey are untouchable.
  2. Choose one preexisting b-list X-Villain to be the murderer (make him/her a bad ass).
  3. Choose one to two young X-character (from New Mutants, X-Terminators, Generation X, New Mutants, Hellions) to avenge the murders and propel him/her/them into a larger spotlight in the X-books.

Hmmm ok lets do this!

1. How is those untouchable and Cyclops aint? Pfft not really sure how you decided or why you decided those untouchables lol ok who dies, im not sure what you consider major so ill give it a try here.

Havok Dies, Rogue Dies, Magneto Dies, Legion Dies, and finally not sure if shes Major or not but we will take out Danger

2. Who killed them all?! Good Question not sure who you consider a b list character but what about..

Mondo! The old Gen X guy never died did he? The real one not the clone, his power was bad ass in AOA so lets give it to mondo

3. Oh my god the list is so long? Only two thats what makes it hard, who deserves the boost the most Ima go with Gen X because why not, doubt anyone else will

Chamber & Husk (If we do a whole team i want Cannonball, Blink, Warpath, maybe frenzy? i can make a team but lol with just two we will stick to the first i named lol)

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Oh yea i need to cast my vote too :D

The raging Cajun takes the quick advantage with 3-0!!! I really fill like since Gambit was left out of New X men that he lost alot of his steam and Fantomex has gained alot of his fans, but maybe not damn it he needs to be in another main book!

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@hopesummersforthefuture said:


lol.....i feel like they just got here and now they have to go??? Guess they ran out of stories......

Time travels not my specialty but how long can they really stay in the future before they start to mess up the past? They're going to have to go back eventually, each second they're not back in there own time doing what they're normally set out to do they're slightly altering things.

i think they will go back like at the exact same time they left, so no time really passed in their reality however they will have aged, however over the what 16-18 All new X men we have only like maybe a week has actually passed so age wouldn't be a problem either

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ok well I'll go again to keep the ball rolling

Gambit !

Or !


the original Fantomex before the whole split, the two are both thieves, both shady backgrounds, both love interest of a very popular X woman, both have an accent thats kind of Frenchish lol so GO!

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Unuscione is a great idea

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All New X-Men

Astonishing X-Men

Cable and X-Force

Uncanny X-Force

Uncanny X-Men

Wolverine and the X-Men



X-Men Legacy

Uncanny X-Men


All New X-Men

Cable & X -Force

X -Factor



X-Men Legacy

Astonishing X -Men

Uncanny X -Force

Wolverine & The X -Men

I bolded some titles i added myself that i and i think Marvel Considers X men titles, and i Italic some that i might of rated lower just because they either just starting or they are about to end. Also several titles such as Wolverine Max, Savage Wolverine and Ultimate X men i don't read so i didnt rank

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next vote wins!! come on anyone!

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Summers more then likely is like winner by default soooo many good characters BUT

my personal favorite is the Guthrie's

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7-6 one more vote for AoA ends it, two more for AoX come on guys!!