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Elixir would be a good candidate...

Elixir is already listed as an Omega level mutant.

Is Psylocke an Omega level mutant?

Yes Elixir is by far an Omega level mutant

and No Psylocke is not, she has been called an Omega Level Telepath however, which is different. She is as powerful a telepath as they get but not as powerful a mutant as they get. IE Frost and Xavier for example are Omega level telepaths but not Omega Level Mutants unlike Jean grey who has her Omega Level Telepathy along with the Phoenix idk reality manipulating powers? And Telekinesis making her Omega Level Mutant

Also I think i read some where an Omega Level Mutant is some one who affects things on a Molecular Level, being able to rip apart the very fabric of reality type shit, not sure the exact wording

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Cannonball in any team would make me happy, but i think id prefer Uncanny

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Worst in power or worst in personality

Cypher wins on both accounts.

His power is fucking awesome, just saying. never really liked his personality but power wise hes awesome

Does longneck or whatever count as an X man? Cause if so prolly him, if not Maggot is a good contender lol

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i dont hate it, but honestly its not my favorite thing. Like some great stories happened there, the ones you mentioned for example and i'm glad you mentioned the Vulcan one because it think it's under appreciated. Still in general, when something space related comes up i typically kind of sigh and can't wait for them to get back to earth lol

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X Men is about Rouge, the sub plot is about Wolverine

X Men 2 is about Wolverine, the sub plot is about Jean Grey

X Men 3 is about Jean Grey, the sub plot is about Rouge.

And in each one wolverine was most strongly bound to the very young girl de jour. It's been a while since i've seen them, but if I remember right, their strongest tie was to him of course. Not the mentor, teacher that's helping them every step of the way, or bf. Just the creepy new guy. Actually rogue was new, and I could see her forming an attachment with him, but the jean one is very forced to me.

Yea i think thats the problem, hes the Male Lead in every one regardless of if there is another story. Even in the sub stories he has a major part through his connection to the main characters of the main story if that made any sense what so ever lol.

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@goodmoviesbad: If it is like the current black-ops team, Cable's current response division, Remender's X-Force, or Kyle and Yost's X-Force... I'm down for a movie like that. But not the 90s militant task force or the New Mutants' road trip.

Shit I loved the 90's X Force, Shatterstar, Rictor, Warpath, Sunspot, Domino, and the MAN cannonball! shit tons of others of course (siryn, boom boom cable and plenty more) it was a great book (at least back then to me it was lol) so ANY X force is a good X force, as long as they keep the movie close to base material i can dig it

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Incase it gets "missed" again, she says it right before she drops Kitty off, if the issue isn't at hands, read some CBR threads. Very informative. Indeed, Wood is great. Best thing to happen to the X-Men in years.

(logs off again)

logs off lmao, i love this rogue, I love wood it wasn't an attack just a question really and it would of been an issue if Bendis did it because everyone hates bendis is all i pointed out lol.

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Well if we want to be technical the most powerful mutant right now is Hope, she can copy powers, copy more than one power at a time, and use the power to its fullest potential. i still wonder if she can do only mutants or can she copy powers from mutates like spider-man mr fantastic

Just Mutants, in one of the AVX comics, i thin it was part 0 she fought the serpant society and could only duplicate the one who was a mutant. Also her range has varied, at one point i think i read she could copy any mutant alive regardless of where they were located, others they had to be fairly close to her, and the Fear itself story they got on the near side of Utopia so she would be able to copy all of their powers to fight Juggernaut

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Ok not that Im complaining, not at all really BUT!

in the first two issues of X men by the great Brian Wood, it seemed that rogue was converted back to her like 1990's power set, where she had permanently stolen Ms Marvels powers. Flying, Strength, durability or what not. She hasn't really had to mimic anyone, and she has had those powers the entire time without any real explanation. Now i really don't mind thats when i liked rogue the best lol, but im curious if i missed something because i thought those were gone and she had to touch some one to get powers (IE Uncanny Avengers, X men Legacy blah blah) So did i miss something or is wood just not following continuity and not getting any grief about it lol (cause if it was Bendis all hell would of broken lose already :D ) s

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I'm so happy to see Hellion back on the X pages. I wasn't too sure if I was going to like this series because I thought it was going to be all about the main X-Ladies, but seeing Bling, Hellion, Pixie and Primal makes me extremely happy. Love, love, love seeing Hellion, can't stop smiling!

yes im glad they are not intentionally leaving any men what so ever out fro the supporting cast, having, beast, hellion even primal is nice :D It would of seemed more gimmicky if even the back ground cast was all female, and really who doesnt love hellion?