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Emma :D

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He's in 616? When did this happen??

no one knows anything for sure ^^

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and i just noticed another thread had the video so if you didnt stay after credits to watch it here it is

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@adamtrmm said:

Think about it, the movie will be an actual AU AOA with Magneto instead of Xavier and all, it'll be official the X-comics madness will take a cinematic course!

Anyways, what's up with that skinny kid playing Apoccy? I want my 7 feet tall over-muscled savage!

that more then likely isnt who will play him in the actual movie, i doubt that guy has even been cast yet so dont worry much about that

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it was amazing, and much better but this might be a bias forum to ask that question lol

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Well this is kool. I like the way they look here. Those R pretty much the one that R the best. Including Tempo. Why she's not in it? I truly hope for some of them to B in the incarnation. Especially Exodus, which is another bad ass who I actually would love to C his return with Magneto and the Acolytes.

Grey doesn't look that bad at all.

whats up with the R pretty cool and B there to C? thats kind of odd?

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after the credits, it showed him being worshipped and the 4 horsemen in the distance. (you know in the middle of the desert)

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Hes not going to go back, like not ever prolly. Look at Dark Beast, and if he does go back then they will just form a alternate time line (like all the ones we seen in the Exiles comics) and not affect 616 that we are reading now

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@hawk2916 said:

@koays: Yeah. i just dont think they've done a good job highlighting the JGS under Wolverine. Xavier teaching the school and recruiting new mutants while using a few of his more advanced students to serve as security on his recruitment trips or when he goes to help newly emerging mutants would be pretty cool imo almost in line with the old-school X-corporation. In fact just thinking about makes me want Xavier back. Im not sure who at the moment could fill those shoes. I thought Kitty would but the way she's being portrayed is a little less than desirable at the moment

I think once Wolverine is Dead Storm will take over fully and i hope it will be better then, I have faith in storm :-p

I did vote for Cyclops however for best over all

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I really enjoy Uncanny X men but im not sure why lol, i cant give you examples or points but i just know that each month i look forward to it more then prolly anything but Spiderman (hate to say it cause im a die hard X fan but its teh best book i read)