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@oscars94 said:

Wouldn't Darwin's powers have fit better for Trask's Sentinel Program? Adapting to survive... you can't put them down. They were pretty OP in DOFP already, I just think his powers make sense than Mystique's shape-shifting.

using Mystiques power they basically duplicated darwins, and yes it would of been a better fit but then the movie wouldnt of been able to exist cause well darwins dead :-p

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@koays said:

What then?

A point often debated is whether the X-Men should be in a separate Universe. We argue the merits of doing it but rarely the cause, which is that the X-Men mythos is built on prejudices against a specific type of super-humans.

So lets say we achieve the goal, the world no longer hates and fears all mutants instinctively. All mutants are judged by their own merits.

What comes next?


Can the X-Men even survive without the hate, fear and prejudice?

Not the X men we know and love today. Without this special feat they would be just another Avengers or Super friends or wtf ever, the dream can never happen in marvel U cause the X men need it to thrive, to have a reason a cause to be, it would be like removing all the super villains and asking what the avengers would be like lol

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Darwin!!! sure shaw blew him to pieces but come on his power is to survive so im sure he could survive that and apoc could pull him and make him into something evil, maybe havok or banshee too (sure banshee is dead but that didnt matter none in Uncanny avengers recently)

Then i think some one popular like idk Cyclops, or maybe even Gambit (channing debuts as a horsemen) or Cable? and then work them as part of the main team in later movie spin offs

Also i thought Angel was like 30ish in the X3 movie so maybe you could wing him being a horsemen they did change the future so it wasnt like X 3 ever happened thus he could have metal wings in the future period

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ive always been under the impression it was Apoc, but i cant cite any facts or anything to back it up just what i think lol

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I just want to point out that during much of the Claremont age of X men (70,80 and even 90) the X men did several Cross overs with Spiderman and the Fantastic Four (even having mutant children) sooo a cross over would be good and i dont think the whole love teh FF and hate mutants is stupid. The ff is just four people, if you can control them then its all good you can trust a person, i trust alot of people. But mutants could be anyone, the idea that ANYONE no matter who they are will get powers well its a good chance some crazy fucker (like magneto) will eventually get powers cause its something you cant control or stop from happening its not a one time thing that happened to people that you trust type of thing

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  • Jean has been made into a Mary Sue Character since her first return (esp by morrison) and should say dead
  • Morrison run is one of the worst overall
  • Despite the good stories wheldon wrote his inability to make a deadline should keep people from ever wanting him back
  • Bendis really isnt as bad as people say
  • Aaron doesnt really suck either, just all the mutants he made does (so did morrisons btw)
  • Phantom X should of never been created
  • The X verse will be better without wolverine (at least now he used to be a great character)
  • The JGS is stupid and i hope it blows up (and stays that way)
  • No X men title SHOULD EVER have a members name infront of it (ala wolverine and the x men)
  • Some times I want to slap storm
  • Generation X was the best student group ever written in the X verse
  • the Original New Mutants and Gen X should actually be on X teams by now
  • No one character should ever be in two titles

thats all for now anyway lol

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Emma :D

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He's in 616? When did this happen??

no one knows anything for sure ^^

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and i just noticed another thread had the video so if you didnt stay after credits to watch it here it is

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@adamtrmm said:

Think about it, the movie will be an actual AU AOA with Magneto instead of Xavier and all, it'll be official the X-comics madness will take a cinematic course!

Anyways, what's up with that skinny kid playing Apoccy? I want my 7 feet tall over-muscled savage!

that more then likely isnt who will play him in the actual movie, i doubt that guy has even been cast yet so dont worry much about that