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i was excited when i seen this title, clicked the link and seen teh title and im like uhh they relaunching it? then seen the trailar and was like wtf then came back and seen teh date oh well

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Wolverine & Cyclops rivalry?

thats one of the worst videos ive ever seen in my life

And im not gay but i dont know what women could see in Wolverine its always seemed strange to me when they made him into a sex symbol

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@hawk2916: I think the last set of clones that exist, i think he figured out where they were and killed all but one set and programmed them to serve him

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So i just read the lastest issue of Uncanny with Hi Jacks return (sorry might be sort of a spoiler) but he mentioned he was going to enroll and quiped about getting a scholarship so does that mean he is in the JGS or you think he is going back to Cyclops team

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Her death was powerful when written, but she is back now and I loved AOA version from Exiles, so i would like to see her used some where just got to find a spot without a teleporter which is strangely hard lol

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Ditch them both and get wheldon's run ^^

really though out of those two i would get morrisons first cause it comes first like was mentioned above

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Mutations like the ones beast, angel, wolverine, mystique make and are plausible and iceman and colossus's make some sense, but things like telepathy, inter-dimensional teleportation, pyrokinesis and eyes that are portals to another dimension make no sense at all. Those are mystical powers not mutations.

If you have arguments that go against what I said then state them because i want to be wrong.

lol i cant believe this is a question, its a comic book none of these powers make sense lol

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I say rachel, they have pushed and pushed the issue i think its a way to show her as leader and let her try on the role for a while. I mean storm i think is the leader in amazing right? lol so let her do her thing there esp when wolverine is dead, it would be awesome to see Rachel take charge then maybe work more with her father to cause some chaos

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@mcklayn said:

Ok i will be the Solo guy here

Generation X was better period.

As far as New Mutants go the only person i ever cared for was cannonball (now he is in my top 5 or so x men ever but still) And i seem to like him better outside the group dynamic, i would love to see him shine as leader of anew team who didnt see him as "the hill billy sam who just cant get it done) which seems to be what they thought of him thus why Dani was always leader or atleast co leader

Generation X i think was killed due to writers after that, the powers imo were more gritty and interesting. they showed the downfall of mutant powers (similar to how Morrison did) only they seemed to make them more combat ready and intersting then morrisons run imo. Even skin whose power was disgusting and would suck ass learned to use it in combat, and imo was a cool character. Chamber whose entire chest got blow off, man that sucks right? Then people like penanace you never really got to understand. New mutants lasted longer and have more affect on today's X men simply because they were written by Chris Claremont and when he left them he used his other characters (such as cannonball) and mentioned his stuff in other main X men titles (he also wrote both new mutants and x men at once)

while Lobdell and whoever took over the book after him, didn't have claremonts swag in the X verse (and i think lobdell was gone by the time teh series was over) and the writers who came after just didn't care about those characters when they could write Cyclops, Wolverines ect.

Also keep in Mind imo the Best Emma Frost ever, was the Gen X emma.

Generation X is alot like what i am afraid will happpen to the new X men and lights of alot more recent history. THey were a nice story that was told and had some good characters, but once the original writer was gone the ones after wanted to do thier own thing, and that doesnt include underdeveloped characters, they want stars.

So yea My 3 cents


You are completely entitled to your opinion...and I am not trying to say yours is wrong....but Gen X was in no way better than New Mutants.

In fact, 80% of Gen Xs existence was really bad. Toward then end, it was written by Warren Ellis and had more gritty story arcs, but just wasn't really that good, and in the beginning Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo only did about 25 issues...the rest of the run was hammered into the ground by Larry Hama and then...Jay Faerber. I don't know if Hama or Faerber were instructed from up high to drive the book in a more kid friendly direction but I distinctly remember the teasers for the next months issue saying stuff like "Next Month: More Gen-X hijinx" Hijinx?? Hijinx!! It was like a Saturday morning cartoon show, and the Dodsons artwork didn't help it appear any more serious.

New Mutants had a similar de-evolution when Claremont left with Louise Siminson taking the book in a more kid friendly direction with artist Bret Blevins, although her run didn't drive the New Mutants into cancellation and some real good stories within.

I agree it was more kid friendly ish, but at the same time i was a kid when i read them so they were still some of my favorite read and honestly i just loved the characters alot more then the new mutants, and yes the story written by ellis after the 6 month jump i didnt like at all :'( they killed synch fuckers

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Pick up Uncanny, but not for Magneto. hes pretty much a none factor in it after like the first two issues.

His solo series however, is one of the best titles on shelves atm its early on but like the first 4 issues have been great reads. If your a mags fan, its worth the price tag for sure