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@redwingx said:

All of you are in denial. Look at it from a business standpoint, Marvel won't promote Fox's property anymore.

do you understand what business is? it's making money, marvel is in the business of making money via comic book sells, so cancelling a comic book that is making them money is not good business, sure fox gets all the movie money but the movies also help push there comics. thus why everywhere you look coming up to DOFP release they were trying to sell the dofp trade paper back and why when agents of shield was getting ready to launch they were pushing Wheldons astonishing run canceling x men is BAD business if they do it (which they will not) it will be out of some sort of spite and totally stupid.

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cyclops, wolverine, storm, kitty, beast, Magneto

Not a big fan of wolverine in a group like this but he always wiggles his way so yea, there you are 6 mutants to manipulate the world

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i was excited when i seen this title, clicked the link and seen teh title and im like uhh they relaunching it? then seen the trailar and was like wtf then came back and seen teh date oh well

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Wolverine & Cyclops rivalry?

thats one of the worst videos ive ever seen in my life

And im not gay but i dont know what women could see in Wolverine its always seemed strange to me when they made him into a sex symbol

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@hawk2916: I think the last set of clones that exist, i think he figured out where they were and killed all but one set and programmed them to serve him

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So i just read the lastest issue of Uncanny with Hi Jacks return (sorry might be sort of a spoiler) but he mentioned he was going to enroll and quiped about getting a scholarship so does that mean he is in the JGS or you think he is going back to Cyclops team

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Her death was powerful when written, but she is back now and I loved AOA version from Exiles, so i would like to see her used some where just got to find a spot without a teleporter which is strangely hard lol

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Ditch them both and get wheldon's run ^^

really though out of those two i would get morrisons first cause it comes first like was mentioned above

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Mutations like the ones beast, angel, wolverine, mystique make and are plausible and iceman and colossus's make some sense, but things like telepathy, inter-dimensional teleportation, pyrokinesis and eyes that are portals to another dimension make no sense at all. Those are mystical powers not mutations.

If you have arguments that go against what I said then state them because i want to be wrong.

lol i cant believe this is a question, its a comic book none of these powers make sense lol

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I say rachel, they have pushed and pushed the issue i think its a way to show her as leader and let her try on the role for a while. I mean storm i think is the leader in amazing right? lol so let her do her thing there esp when wolverine is dead, it would be awesome to see Rachel take charge then maybe work more with her father to cause some chaos