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wasnt Skin brought back too?

Id love to see Synch and skin just saying I was a big Gen X fan, and yea Banshee as well

(oh i just seen Skin you didnt have him listed under Gen X)

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Scott Lobdell !

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@mcklayn: Haven't heard that name in a while. But talk about straightening things out and getting back to basics. That might be awesome move. While were at it Fabian Nicieza anyone? lol

Another thought- James Robinson might do a good job also

I was just to write Lobdel/Nicieza.

Hell yea! Im down for some throw back, i still want Claremont as editor and we talking about a new golden age lol

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Scott Lobdell !

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I can see I'm not the only one who wants Bishop and Val to co-work again. Nice.

Hell until I reread X-facter recently my headcannon was that she miscarried his child. But yeah, 5 years is too much maybe...

Bishop and Sage would be freaking awesome in a book :-p and Val cooper ive like her better then brand or hill

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claremont already came back to marvel with his nightcrawler run <.< just saying i wouldn't object to bringing the 80's back so to say

Also I like Peter David and Mike Carey those would be good choices imo

Only other names that pop to the top of my head is Ed Brubaker, and Josh Wheldon (both of which wrote stories i enjoyed in the x franchise neither of which i could ever see returning so yea toss them out)

Also just some random names Rucka seems popular here and I enjoy his Cyclops and punisher series not sure how he would work with the team dynamic but i would be willing to give it a try, and just for shits Dan Slott might be fun, i really enjoy his spiderman run so why not right?

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i read the first one, curious about where is Cyclops!

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IMO two of the best titles are actually solos, both Magneto and Cyclops are great reads but if your looking for X men titles you more then likely want an X men team book

Uncanny isnt all that bad, neither is All new (i do perfer uncanny though) both though are really slow pacing. The X men title is kind of new reader friendly. It has a different writer every arch so its easy to jump in and not need to know alot of prior history and most the stories are pretty nice and the team is good chemistry. Xfactor is good but about to get canceled (SHAME!!) X force is meh, and i think its on the chopping block too, if your looking more traditional Amazing X men is pretty good and not near as slow a read as the Bendis Books (Uncanny / All New) Also Nightcrawler and Storm are X men solos if your interested ( i dont read either one dropped them both around issue 3 but more for money then quality reasons lol)

I think thats it? so yea my suggestions for a new Reader Amazing X men, X men, Uncanny, All New (in that order) And both Cyclops and Magneto if you want some solo x men not really doing X men things

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So will there be Inhuman, Uncanny Inhumans and Inhumans: Attilan Rising? Or will Attilan Rising be like a "sub-event" with the two Inhuman books?

Also standing on Cyclops head isn't very subtle.


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Im not sure honestly, i am in general totally against resets it seems to waste years of continuity and character dev. At the same time the X men universe has been a little blah lately, things are more confusing then they seem to be worth and a bit of a reboot if done right might be nice, maybe the X men will take back some sort of more dominate role other then you know, the avengers whooping boys