Why Xavier's Dream Must Not Die.

I want to start this off by saying that I am an Older comic reader (coming up quickly on 30 ) and have been reading X men titles since i was a preteen, i am really enjoying the direction that the X-men have went, the way they have been given more of an Edge and seem to be (like many comics) appealing to older readers (like myself) who have been fans of the groups for so long. However despite my enjoyment and appreciation of the direction they seem to be going I have to say that Xavier's Dream needs to be kept alive.

I totally agree that Xavier's Dream is Idealist and irrational especially with the direction that the Mutant world is more then likely going, however Comic books have a very special place in the social depths of society. These books are what young kids pick up and bury themselves in, these are the books that preteens first find their heroes and learn valuable life lessons from them. The X-men have always been one of the more important books in this regard, they deal with things such as racism and teach to try to take the no violent approach, to love and protect even those who hate you the most in the hope that one day you can live together in a better world.

It is ideals like this that help young kids who may be made fun of because they are different, that can inspire children to do the right thing and not take the more extreme approach. Yes Comics are fake, but they are an out lit for children, most of us who are older and still read started when we were younger and fell in love with these characters then. They need to be their for the next generation and the generation after that, a comic does more then entertain. In some cases they teach, inspire and more importantly help you escape. The X-men have always touched on more realistic issues that some times struck closer to home then that of other comics and they should continue that, they should continue that with the foolish Ideals that are the very Care of Xavier's dream, that way Children growing up now can learn right from wrong the natural way :-p from a comic book!

Now I am not saying that they shouldn't progress the stories of our favorite characters and erase the affects of big events such as AvX. I am not saying Cyclops should be have a epiphany and suddenly be the boy scout he once was, but i am saying that their should be a title out there (if not more then one) that protects, up holds and honors the Dream of Charles Xavier, rather that be Wolverine & The X-men or something else. In an X man world over the past half a decade or so where Charles Xavier has become irrelevant to the writers and current story enough to be killed off (presumably for the long haul since Red Skull is playing with his brain) i encourage the writers to make sure that his dream does not Die with him, instead make him a Marty that inspires the next generation of Mutants as well as the Children who read these books.