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I love this idea. When I was a kid a there was an annual, I can't remember if it was detective or batman, but it was all about bruce seaking out this detective in the south so he could learn from him. It was a really good story and it left me wondering why no one else was mining this area of one of the most interesting characters in modern writing. I mean most of the time it goes from young bruce with his dead folks to him coming back to gotham. They've hinted at a few things but there is a whole lot of story there yet to be releaved.

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I remember when the timothy zahn trilogy came out. It had been so long since jedi. Then action figures came back and comics and it was awesome. There were whispers of new movies but we had no idea what they'd be. I've enjoyed alot of the expanded universe but much like you can't directly translate an avengers story or a batman story to the screen trying to grab hold of one story line from the eu would be close to impossible. I think the movies should be original stories with beats and inspiration from the expanded universe and cameos from the original cast but with new characters.

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The original marvel legends ghost rider is what started my marvel legends obsession and the funny thing is I pretty much just read dc. He's awesome because he came with the bike. I've seen the blue flame version of this figure a few times in the northeast, usually at target. Can't wait for wave 3

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I watch this show with my 3 year old daughter and she loves it. It has slowly grown on me. I personally would love something this lighthearted for power pack, maybe seeing wolverine reminded me of them.

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That sucks about avengers. I don't know why marvel animation is always starting programs then dropping them. I mean how many x-men and spiderman shows have there been in the past ten years. But I guess dc is just as bad with all the batman shows. its like you're in a constant state of reboot if you like superhero cartoons. I miss the continuity of Bruce timm.