Green Lantern Required Reading for the New 52 Continuity

Here is a list to help those like me who are reading the New 52 Green Lantern and need to know what the heck happened pre-Flashpoint.

List items

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Posted by xxxddd

Nice list.

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awesome!! now i know what to buy before the new 52 comics. question, do these come in volumes? vol # 1, # 2 etc..


Posted by mcclellanscott

@yomi290: the trades use the names I have listed. They are not numbered, which is why I made the list. It was mr way of keeping the different trades I. The correct order.

Posted by Riven7

Terrific list. I've just been going through the GL trades, would never have thought to pick up infinite crisis.

Posted by ODSTxGundam

new to all these, bit late comment so I hope I get a reply but don't expect it

Green Lantern: Rebirth signifies the return of Hal Jordan as the Green lantern of Earth

Surely that can't be the first Green Lantern series I need to read prior to New 52? Don't I need to know anything before that like why he is returning and not the current (or even starting, unless there is a new 52 origin story for that?)