A week is never long enough . . .

. . . or do I just buy too many *&#@ comic books every Wednesday? I rush after work to my local comic book shop to buy all that week's releases. However, as a teacher, my evenings are just about never my own. Tests to write; papers to grade; every once and a while trying to actually spend time with my wife. Saturday is usually my reading day. But, what happens when something takes up that day? Plus, I have the weekly podcast from Friday that I can't listen to until I finish reading the books for that week. Then the next Wednesday is here before I know if and I am buying a whole new week's worth of books before I am done reading last week's.

Two weekends ago, I read four weeks worth of books over mainly two days (and a few scatter shots the next two days). As of today, I have two weeks worth on my dining room table waiting for me to read. What does it take when you are too exhausted on a weekday evening to get any reading done? Why does Saturday have to be a make or break day?

You know, I didn't have these problems a year ago. Hmmmm.


My first night on Comic Vine

I am sure that blog posts will be a lot more interesting from this point forward, but it's late and I have work tomorrow. I just thought I would join the Comic Vine website after months of listening to the podcast. Never did I realize this site caught just suck you in with the profiles and all the quests. I cannot tell you how many hours I sat in my living room searching through the wiki completing quests on my iPad. This website is insane.

I hope I can get to chat with people just like I have been able to find new voices at my local comic shop since the New 52. We shall see.