Least Favorite Characters

The characters i just can't seem to find the appeal in. 1 being least favorite...

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Posted by Video_Martian

Cool list, Man!!!

Posted by thechessclub

Which Azrael? Jean Paul Valley or the newer one? The newer one's title was actually pretty good in my opinion. It's funny that you have Deadpool and Lobo so close together since I'm pretty sure they exist for the same reason. They just shake things up. Lobo's just a crazy mofo. Plastic Man is just pure comedy in my book tho. He's just a goofball to the max=P

Posted by Mbecks14

@thechessclub: Jean Paul Valley when he was the crazy Batman

Yeah Lobo and Deadpool like characters, just don't do it for me. They're not my style.

I think Plas has grown on me. I've just always preferred Elongated man. This is a fairly dated list