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I try not to be one of those whiny fans in the case of redesigns, but I just don't like this one. It's not the worst, but I just don't get what they were going for.

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Great issue! I have high hopes for the conclusion!

(I think this story would be a great way to bring Wally back in and I hope the reverse-time element of Reverse Flash can undo his murders, I was liking those other speed force characters)

so so good! Can't believe I have to wait 2 months for the conclusion.

I was so glued to the panels. And final couple pages were thrilling


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Good Call.

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This is one of two series I collect monthly anymore. I'm really enjoying the stories! I love Marcus To, so I'm excited for this one.

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"They were never dead in the first place" is the worst

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Love Stephane Roux! I wish Batman was in this picture though.

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I do love me some Crime Syndicate!

I wish Ivan Reis was drawing the series. But I do love these redesigns. Johnny Quick's is a little too complex imo and Ultraman's looks too similar to an actual Superman costume but I still think they all look really great.

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@trevel8182 said:

Tim Drake's solo series lasted 20 years and sold very well I don't understand why Batwing has solo series but Tim Drake doesn't have a solo series and why Batwing I though Night Runner was a far more interesting character.

Because they felt the need to ruin Tim Drake's character despite his obvious popularity.

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I feel the Night of The Owls was an acceptable tie-in because it was an organization that had influence in Gotham and wanted to purge the city of its "rodent problem" so eliminating the family was necessary. However, in my opinion Death of The Family was a terrible way of the joker making an appearance because is with batman and he could of had achieved his little ramshackery without involving the family fairly easily. BTW ramshackery is a word I possibly made up for the purpose of this sentence.

That's fair. It did make sense in Night of the Owls, but it did feel like a lot to me.

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I wish DC would just let Scott Snyder tell his stories without turning them into a bat-family wide crossover. The Night of the Owls and Death of the Family crossovers completely diluted Snyder's work by stretching it so thin. Plus it keeps interrupting storylines happening in the other bat-books.

But I would totally love a Red Robin zero-year that completely throws out Tim Drake's bullshit new52 origin and replaces it with the original one. I think the best thing for Tim Drake (the character that had a solo series consistently for 18 years while also appearing in two team book series and didn't need fixing) would be to pretend the Teen Titans series never happened.