new pull list and Zatanna series looks promising

I'm too lazy to do weekly reviews. but i've updated my pull list to include Brightest Day, the new Flash series, Zatanna, and Return of Bruce Wayne after dropping Booster Gold, Supergirl, Action Comics, and Adventure Comics.
This week i was really impressed by Zatanna

Zatanna #1

This issue was really great! Paul Dini's writing was really good, i was really drawn into the story.  The magical crime scene was really sick and the new characters, Brother Night and his gang are some cool additions to the DCU.  Stephane Roux's art was also incredible.  I was able to read the whole issue without looking at the words and i could not only tell what was going on, but i noticed all kinds of fun stuff in the background.
Definately pick this series up if you're interested. i read this 3 times and still enjoyed it.
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