My Dream Justice League Movie Franchise


I think about this a lot. A lot. Because of all the rumors and my undying love for the DCU (except for when they ruin things which they like to do) I have been concocting a DCU Movie Franchise plan that I think would work best.

What they need to do:

1. Make a cohesive DC Universe. The Marvel movies feel like they belong to the same universe. Each DC movie will need to have a similar style and “taste” that will be able to link them together. Cameos and Easter Eggs also help.

2. Cast Well. Marvel’s casting is very strong in the sense that the actors very much embody their characters. Both Physically and in personality. Robert Downey Jr. basically IS Tony Stark anyway so they lucked out there. Chris Evans really looks like the golden boy that Steve Rogers is and really nailed the character. Thor/Chris Hemsworth did too. So they need to avoid casting big names that’ll move tickets, they need to cast smart. (we don’t need another Ryan Reynolds debacle)

3. Be ICONIC. The DC heroes are the most iconic characters in comic books. Don’t just use the modern interpretations of the characters, do actual work and actual research to understand WHO these characters are and create the best possible interpretation of that character. There’s no need to be too different from the comics. Comic book fans HATE that and you’ll probably just confuse the masses.

4. Be SMART. Look at what has failed and what has succeeded. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES! Green Lantern? Fail. Dark Knight Trilogy? Win. DC Animated Universe? Win.

The Plan:

1.Superman. The DCU needs a strong character to build around and Superman is the strongest character DC has. He is who they should and could build around. Man of Steel comes out next summer. Can it be the movie to launch this new franchise? I’m not sure. I’ve got some hope in it being a good movie, but I’m afraid that we’ll get too much Zack Snyder in there and it’ll be very stylized and would be hard to mesh the other films with. But this is what I would do if they wanted to start from scrap:

I’d like to see a Superman movie with Luthorand Brainiac. Both of Superman’s biggest villains in the story, establishing who Superman is, who Lois is and the Superman mythology with an actual threat that has potential for future stories.

2. Batman. DC’s other biggest character and their greatest box office success. The Batman franchise will be rebooted. That’s a fact. I’d like to see it rebooted before the justice league but who knows.

I’d like to see a Batman movie with the same tone as Arkham City. It’s still gritty and bad-ass with the same taste and comic-book quality as the Animated Series and the comics. For the first movie, we could get the Joker. A good Joker story with a different vibe could be a great introduction to the new Batman Universe. It doesn’t need to be purely an origin story because we know who Batman is. A brief introduction to the origin is all we need. And the Joker would have to be pretty different from the Heath Ledger Joker, but that wouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

3. World’s Finest. The Superman/Batman movie we all want. Luthor teams up with the Joker. The story has been told a few times before, so there’s source material and the World’s Finest animated movie was really, really good. It would be a good stepping stone to get the two big names onto the same screen and establish the characters as Friends.

4. Superman and Batman Sequels. Iron Man got 2 movies in before the Avengers so maybe we could squeeze in a sequel. For Superman, I’d like to see him go up against Bizarro, Parasite, or Metallo (or all three) manipulated by Luthor to destroy Superman. And I’d love to see the Riddler in a Batman sequel!

5. Green Lantern Reboot. There’s no reason to do a sequel to the Green Lantern. I don’t think enough people want more. In order to make a good Green Lantern movie they need to stick with who works best as a villain. And that’s Sinestro. I know they were setting up Sinestro for the sequel but they fucked that up. So a Green Lantern movie with Abin Sur, Sinestro’s treachery, and all that would be a very very cool movie!

Now as for the Green Lantern himself. I love Hal Jordan. He’s my favorite, he’s the most iconic Green Lantern and he’s got the origin story that could really build the movie as long as they get his character right. BUT for diversity’s sake and the fact that a lot of people do still recognize John Stewart as Green Lantern, they could get away with using John Stewart. But that’s tricky because John’s origin relies almost entirely upon Hal Jordan’s existence. It’d be very difficult to use John Stewart as the Green Lantern without a real origin story unless they want to concoct a brand new, patch

work story for him. I’m NOT saying that a black superhero couldn’t sell tickets. I think we do need a black superhero movie (coughblackpantherpleasecough), but if they wanted to use John Stewart then they should wait, introduce John as the GL in Justice League and then do a spin off without delving into his origins too much.

6. The Flash. A Flash movie is DESPERATELY needed. I may be biased because he’s my favorite but he’s got the look, the powers, and the personality to sell tickets. He’s a cool character! They would need to use Barry Allen, he’s just the smarter candidate to build the franchise around. I’d like to see a movie featuring the Rogues. Use Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Heat Wave, and Weather Wizard. There’s no need for Boomerang or Trickster or the Top. Barry’s job is essentially a CSI which would be easy to work around story wise, especially if they play the Rogues as a sort of gang or mob.

For casting, The Flash needs to embody the hope and optimism around Superheroes. Barry Allen is a decent guy who tries really hard to do the right thing. He’s funny and smart but not the player that Wally West was portrayed as in JLU. A lot of people seem to think that Bradley Cooper would be a good choice. The idea disgusts me. I liked Bradley Cooper in Hangover 1 and Limitless, but he plays the suave slimy douchey guy very well. And that’s NOT the flash. He also doesn’t really have that Midwestern boy look.

7. WONDER WOMAN. Please. We need a Wonder Woman movie. She’s the strongest female character in comics. If done right, she could have a great movie. She’s got the mythology and the personality of a box office hit. I’d like to see the Cheetah AND Ares. Get Diana off the island with Steve Trevor to stop Barbara Minerva who has resurrected Ares to become the Cheetah and is attempting to bathe the world in blood through war. Have Wonder Woman fight ares’ henchmen, the cheetah, and the big guy himself and you have a movie.

8. Aquaman. Hear me out. While an Aquaman movie could be tricky, I think it could be done. It is probably NOT necessary to the Justice League Franchise, but I’d like to see it. Get the right actor and the right script and you could have a badass Aquaman having a grudge match with Black Manta! Get Mera in there too. Using Geoff John’s Aquaman as a template, an Aquaman movie is doable.

9. THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. I have 2 ideas for a Justice League movie.

9a. THE WHITE MARTIANS. Taking cues from the Justice League cartoon and Grant Morrison’s JLA you could do a cool story of an alien invasion from Mars unleashed upon earth that unites the League, and introduces the Martian Manhunter. It could also launch John Stewart and Aquaman if they don’t get individual movies. The Alien invasion is the easiest way to unite the league, especially white martian style.

9b. THE LEGION OF DOOM. A nerd’s greatest fantasy come to the big screen. Taking cues from Alex Ross and Jim Krueger’s JUSTICE, and the animated Justice League: Doom, we could have an awesome movie of the formation of the Legion of Doom under Luthor’s manipulation to eliminate their collective foes and destroy them and only in uniting together can they stop the Legion’s plan. Use all the villains from the original movies (Joker/Riddler, Luthor (and bizarro), cheetah, Sinestro, Captain cold, and Black Manta). This would be a pretty cool movie but it wouldn’t be an ideal place to introduce the Martian Manhunter, Aquaman if they don’t do an individual movie, or John Stewart if they decide to use him. But it could be a really cool sequel too.

10. Sequels and Spin Offs. From the Justice League you could build sequels and spin offs. Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter could spin off from the JL depending on the route taken. You could also throw easter egg guest appearances by Green Arrow, Zatanna, Hawkman, and the Atom if they wanted to expand the movie-verse and have a spring board to use.

11. ANIMATION. The other idea I had. What’s the one thing that DC never fails at? Animation. Their animated universe and animated movies are always top quality. A big budget feature length Justice League movie in regular animation or CGI could be amazing. With potential for movie and television spin offs.

It’s a doable project if they play it smart. But knowing DC and Warner Brother’s. They probably won’t.

Casting wise I still stick with my original picks:

Henry Cavill as Superman

Michael Fassbener as Batman

Megan Gale as Wonder Woman

Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Scott Porter as The Flash

Paul Walker as Aquaman

Carl Lumbly as Martian Manhunter


Why Superman is the best superhero

Superman is the greatest Superhero ever. You can try to argue but you’d be wrong. He may not be your favorite, he’s not even my number one, but he’s the greatest there is and he deserves the respect he’s often denied. I’m not saying you have to love Superman or that he should be your favorite superhero, but he’s the best and that’s what I’m going to explain.

First of all, he’s the first superhero. The fact that this single character created by two adolescent jewish boys in the 30’s has spawned one of the largest and longest living industries in the world is something to gawk at in itself. Without Superman there’d be no Batman. No Justice League. No Spider-Man. No DC or Marvel. No comic-cons, no movie franchises, nothing. The world without Superman would be a radically different place and the comic fans that bash him need to realize this single fact before they bash him.

The pure essence of everything that is Superheroes is molded after Superman. Essentially all superhero characters are formed around his template. No matter how radically different they may turn out, he is THE Superhero. The origin story, the superpowers, the secret identity, the love interest, and the villains. He’s obviously not the first character in history to have all of these things but the classic superhero tale is all Superman’s.

THE ORIGIN. Superman’s origin boils down to this: The dying act of two scientists on a doomed planet is to send their infant son to the planet earth where he will can live as one of them. Infant Kal-El is found by two loving farmers, the Kents and is raised to be a good man. Under the Earth’s yellow sun Clark Kent/Kal-El gains amazing superpowers. He travels to Metropolis to work as a reporter and develops the identity of Superman to fight for justice and use his tremendous abilities not to oppress but to help those in need. And the hero rescues and falls in love with the beautiful Lois Lane who only has eyes for Superman and no time for humble Clark Kent.

Maybe that wasn’t very boiled down…Anyway. The alien hero uses his powers while hiding among us humans. Bam. What’s unique about Superman’s origin, or was at the time of his creation, was that Superman was an alien come to earth to be a hero. Where as other stories such as Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and John Carter all were humans who traveled to other planets to be heroes.

Superman’s origin has been told countless times. And will continue to be. Everyone wants a crack at telling it, and everyone loves reading it. We’ve seen countless versions of how Krypton has ended, how Clark was raised, who he battles first, etc. The reason I believe Superman’s origin is so retold is that it’s become a myth. A modern mythological hero of a whole new pantheon of champions.

His origin’s iconism allows it to be retold so often because it’s so malleable. You can change the story around because essentially it always boils down to the same tale. Which I find fascinating. Superman IS Superman. It’s very rare to find other characters with this level of iconism. Batman has it. I would say Spider-Man has it to a degree too.

THE CHARACTER. Superman is a great character because he’s so much more than a strong guy in a cape. I think the idea that he is just that is what a lot of people get hung up on. “Oh Superman’s boring, he’s too nice, he’s too good, he’s not interesting.” Any time I hear this I just want to scream at them and tell them how wrong they are. And more often that I should admit, I do. My theory is that they haven’t even read Superman. And I’m usually right. Superman is Clark Kent, Kal-el, and Superman. Stay with me here.

Clark Kent. The good natured farm boy who was raised by two loving parents in Smallville, Kansas. He’s a decent, kinda nerdy, humble guy who doesn’t stand out. Sound familiar? Like it reminds of that person in the mirror? Yeah, it should. Clark Kent is US. Clark is the nerd who does what’s right and doesn’t get the recognition. Clark is the guy who is good at a lot of stuff, but doesn’t get noticed. He’s the guy loves the beautiful girl at work and can’t seem to get her attention because of the big strong guy in the cape she’s in love with. That’s Clark Kent. The mild-mannered reporter.

Kal-el. The alien sent to earth who is just a little bit different. The immigrant with the american dream. Kal-el may be an alien, but how does that make him any different than us? We’ve all felt alienated. We’ve all felt different, and that we need to hide who we are to fit in. We feel like there’s nobody else like us. We’ve been to new places, started new schools and jobs and gone to new countries where we are very much out of our element. Kal-el is this person in all of us. Diametrically, Kal-el is also the person Superman was supposed to be. If he had stayed on Krypton, who would he have been. Who could he have been? There’s a lot of story potential that comes from this too.

Superman. The hero. Superman is the guy we all want to be. He’s strong, he’s fast and he can FLY! Love him or hate him, you would be Superman if you had the chance. He’s what we all wish we could be. The nerd who can take off his glasses and be strong and get noticed. He’s also an ideal. This is where people find him too alienating. They can’t seem to be able to connect with the idea that a man with all the power in the world would use his strength to help others and not for personal gain. And if that concept is too foreign to you, than you are beyond help in many ways. I think the idea of this guy who just wants to do good and help others is a beautiful idea. But there’s also the action hero side of Superman. He may want to do good, but he’s a strong dude and he’s not afraid to hit something. He’s a man of action of justice. And he will fight for what’s right.

People say that Batman is the most relatable character because he’s human. As much as I love Batman, I disagree. I don’t know too many humans who are infinitely wealthy, driven by vengeance, and pathologically broody. Superman is a regular guy who happens to have a good heart and Superpowers. The best Superman stories use Superman’s humanity and his relationships with others. And by humanity, I don’t mean he’s all troubled by woes and burdens all the time. That’s not humanity. Humanity is being a real person with friendships, a job, ideas, and yes, problems.

So that’s who Superman is. The mild-mannered reporter, the strange visitor, and the man of steel.

THE CAST. Superman has a very iconic supporting cast. Most of which don’t even have superpowers or costumed identities. I’d say Batman has a stronger supporting cast, only in the fact that they are all primarily heroes. And Spider-Man has a few popular love interests and family members. But how many supporting characters of other heroes do you know? Steve Trevor is fairly unknown. Nobody knew who Pepper Potts was until 2008 and she isn’t really that big of a character. Iris West, Sharon Carter, Sue Dibny, etc. You don’t know who these people are unless you’re an actual comic book fan. But ask a “regular person” who Superman’s girlfriend is? Lois Lane. Superman’s pal? Jimmy Olsen. And then there’s Perry White, Ma and Pa Kent, Supergirl, Superboy, Krypto, and other Daily Planet Staff that are lesser known. But for having a cast of primarily unsuper characters, it’s pretty impressive.

Lois Lane. You can’t have Superman without Lois Lane. I strongly stand by this fact. +years. And you don’t mess with that. She’s a part of every origin story and always will be. The Lois Lane/Superman/Clark Kent romance is iconic and touching. I’ve already written about it before, but I’ll sum it up again. Superman, essentially a demi-god, falling in love with a human woman is beautiful in itself but it’s so much more than that. Clark loves Lois, but Lois only has eyes for her Superman. The hero that gives her hope to believe in. But Superman can’t tell her his secret which is why he needs her to love him as Clark too. Lois is Superman’s anchor, and she always has been. Beyond the damsel in distress love interest bit, Lois is a great character too. She’s a strong, independent, take action woman who has a passion for the truth and what’s right. She is head strong and will do whatever is necessary to get her job done and she is damn good at her job. She’s a crusader and a hero without any capes or tights and that’s what is so great about her character. There are very few human characters in comics, especially female human characters who are so recognizable and so crucial to a hero’s existence. Superman softens her edge and gives her hope and Lois give Superman hope in humanity and a reason to fight for justice. They fight the same fight on different fronts and will always have each others’ backs. They were created for each other. Literally.

Jimmy Olsen. Superman’s pal. Yeah people poke fun at Jimmy and people hate on Jimmy but he’s an interesting character to look at in the Superman mythos. First of all, people know Jimmy. More so than I would’ve thought. But the red-headed kid with the camera at Lois’s heels is pretty well known. And he’s got the history in publications that outnumbers a lot of today’s most popular heroes. What I like about Jimmy is that he’s Superman AND Clark’s friend. How many superheroes have real friends? Not many. Batman’s “friends” are all colleagues or butlers. Wonder Woman’s Amazonian friends are all more like family and are rarely written about. The Green Lanterns have other Green Lanterns. Spider-Man’s got Harry Osborne but there’s the whole insanity thing. Captain America has a girlfriend and a sidekick who went evil for a long time. Iron Man has War Machine but they fight a lot. So besides other superheroes, most superheroes don’t have many friends and that’s why I like Jimmy the best. He has a reputation for being kind of an annoying and bratty sidekick, and he was definitely that character a lot. But as he’s been modernized, he’s kind of the cool geeky guy who likes to take pictures while still embodying that bright eyed kid in the city who looks up to Superman and gets to hang out with him.

The Kents. Ma and Pa Kent are not only great but another example of a unique case in comics. They are two of the characters who have been killed off more times than Jean Grey. In the original story, Pa Kent dies. But then at some point or another Pa comes back and Superman has two parents at home, which is EXCEPTIONALLY rare. Pa usually dies, or lives for a while and then dies. Ma is usually around but in the New 52 era she is currently dead. But as for their character, I think they’re just fun. They’re Superman’s parents. Think about that. These two goofy, good hearted farmers raised Superman. “Superman Escape from Bizarro World” shows a lot of great Pa/Clark moments. And the friendship between father and son is something so humanizing that I find it fun to read. They’re the backbone to Superman and they motivate him to be the hero not just in their death, but in how they raised him.

The Daily Planet Staff. The lovable and cartoonish staff at the Daily Planet is a great bit of Superman mythology that is too rarely excluded from stories. You’ve got Perry White, the boss. Ron Troupe, the sensible up to date reporter who clashes with the brutish Joe Lombard. Cat Grant, the gossip columnist. Etc. A newsroom full of characters that bounce off each other and give depth to the Superman world.

THE LOOK. Superman is one of if not THE most recognizable character globally. Who wouldn’t see the red and blue tights with the big S and not know instantly that was Superman. Underwear on the outside is a little cheesey, and capes may not be practical but you have to respect the pure power of such an iconic visual. And it’s kind of a great look too. The bold primary colors and the simplicity of it just make it pop. It’s fun as hell to draw. It may be a little out dated, but you don’t “tug on Superman’s cape.” There’s a reason why most looks that deviate too far from the original don’t last long. Along with Batman, the Flash, Spider-Man, and Booster Gold, I think Superman has one of the best Superhero looks. Albeit a little dorky.

Maybe if they really want to be done with the red underwear, they add some red to the belt and be done with it. In the case of the New 52 design, I really have no taste for the armory look. It’s not terrible but it reeks of typical Jim Lee overdesigning. Ditch the extra lines and the collar and throw some yellow on the belt and it’s basically back to a fresh standard.

THE VILLAINS. Superman’s villains. Sigh. A very bizarre cast of characters that hold a lot of potential and other characters whose existence I groan at. Amongst the greats (in my opinion) are Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Bizarro, Parasite, Metallo, Zod, Doomsday, Darkseid, Livewire, Kryptonite Man, the Toyman (sometimes), Silver Banshee, and the Cyborg Superman. Many others are forgettable attempts at just giving Superman something to hit.

Lex Luthor. THE Sueprman villain. Superman represents all that is good about humanity and Luthor represents all that is bad about it. He’s greedy, vicious, and cruel with the startling intellect and the corporate money to devise the most nefarious of plots. Luthor boils down to greed, envy, and hatred. He’s a greedy power hungry scientist who runs Lex Corp, a traditionally brutal corporation that owns Metropolis. He is jealous of Superman, and hates him. Basically that’s Luthor in a nutshell. He thinks he’s above and better than everyone and he doesn’t like that Superman IS better than him. Luthor’s motivation is often varied but essientially that’s what it comes down to. I think it’s poetic that the greatest enemy of the most powerful superhero is just a regular human. He’s got powersuits and formulas that do allow him to go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel, but most often he’s using hired men and monsters to do his dirty work. Luthor also works as a bad guy for Superman because he’s the guy who Superman can’t really touch. He’s protected by layers of red tape, plausible deniability, and lies that keep him from being arrested or beaten up. Luthor challenges Superman on more than just the physical level, which makes the characters perfect for eachother.

Brainiac. The alien genius known as Brainiac has taken many many forms to fight Superman over the years. As an opponent for Superman he represents all that is bad about Aliens. He comes in and invades and destroys. There’s just too many versions of Brainiac for me to summarize his character, but I’ve always loved him because he can challenge Superman both mentally and physically. I’d love to see more from Brainiac in other media.

Bizarro. The backwards-Superman clone. I always like evil versions or backwards versions of superheroes and Bizarro is one of my favorites. I’m sure he’s damn hard to right because of his backwards-ness but he’s Superman’s equal in strength and the slugfests between the two are always epic.

Zod. Kneel before him. The would be conqueror has deep ties to Kal-el’s past and is another opponent who can more than hold his own against the Man of Steel. Zod stories are great because they work on multiple levels too.

Parasite and Metallo. Two classic Superman villains who have the staying power and the physical power to be constant baddies for Superman. I find both of these villains fascinating in their embodiment of gluttony and envy.

Essentially, Superman’s rogues gallery isn’t as pathetic as people seem to think. He has plenty of foes who can challenge him on multiple levels and pose actual threats. The villains define the hero so they say, so what do Superman’s villains say about him? That Superman NEEDS to be the best to win. He faces these monstrous threats and needs to be fast, smart, and strong in order to overcome them. Just like any other hero. The difference is that the scale Superman needs to fight on is just a little bit larger than other characters. It’s not the characters fault when some of his stories are boring, it’s lazy writing.

THE MYTHOLOGY. Superman has one of the most fascinating and deep character mythologies in comics. He’s got Smallville, Krypton, the Daily Planet, Lex Corp, outer space, etc. His stories can draw on all of these sources for really unique story telling. Concepts like the Phantom Zone, Kryptonite, Bottle Cities, the Legion of Superheroes, and Fortresses of Solitude are all pretty cool ideas that inhabit the Superman mythos. The characters that inhabit this world feel like they belong there. What I find interesting about the DCUniverse is that each character does have their own mythology. Superman characters fit very well in the Superman corner of the DCU, where they would be out of place in Gotham City. There is room for overlap but the idea that these characters all have their own stories is pretty cool. I judge a character’s “mythology” as unique concepts and sources for story material. And Superman’s is pretty deep. The reason people struggle to come up with new Superman stories is that so much has already been done with the character, and if they do manage to come up with something new, it rarely sticks around because they don’t connect it to the mythology.

NEGATIVE REPRESENTATION. This is where I cut the Super-haters some slack. A lot of Superman gags come from the Silver-Age where the Superman universe is all sorts of weird. When Lois was just a marriage crazy harpy and there were dozens of Kryptonian animals. Those stories have their time, but today they seem ridiculous, especially with how overpowered Superman was.

In other media, Superman seems to struggle. I personally enjoyed the original live action Superman movie from the 80’s. Mostly out of pure iconism. It’s a pretty good movie, a little cheesey, and not full of action but it’s a product of its time. My real issue with it is the portrayal of Lex Luthor but that’s a different issue. Superman 2 is a great movie, with General Zod. Then there’s Superman 3 and 4. Which are just terrible. I don’t even like acknowledging that I’ve seen them. Superman Returns was a dull and lifeless attempt at a movie, and I understand why if people have only seen this movie and know nothing else of Superman, they may find him boring. I have hope for Man of Steel for next summer. I’m really nervous about it, but I am clinging to that hope.

Smallville is a complicated show to discus as a Superman fan. Because in a lot of ways I really love it, but in others I recognize that it’s kind of dumb. It’s a great show if you love Superman and can let go of the liberties they take with the continuity but it won’t really change your mind on the character.

In the New 52 Superman is just a train wreck. Grant Morrison’s Action Comics is alright. I liked the first arc but then it just gets confusing and a little nonsensical. The Superman title is a disaster. It’s lifeless and dull to the point of uselessness. I recognize the fact that there was a lack of communication between writers and editors of the two titles and there were problems behind the scenes. But from what I’ve read of New52 Superman, he’s not the Man of Steel I know. And that seems to be their goal, which is just so backwards thinking. Out with the old and in with the new is a terrible strategy. It alienates the loyal fans and while he may be shiny and new, if you’re producing crap because your biggest character has been sucked of all that makes him great, you’re not going to attract new readers or keep them. In the Justice League title, Superman is just this quiet background guy who hits things. Along with the rest of the team, his characterization is totally off. It really makes me think Johns is not actually writing the book, or the book is just so strongly controlled by the Corporate heads at DC that we just have shells of our greatest heroes. Woops, I’m ranting. But essentially, the New52 has done nothing positive for Superman’s character beyond the first arc of Action Comics. If this is all I read of Superman I’d hate him too.

SUMMARY. So in Conclusion, Superman is a very human character who faces great challenges both on the streets of Metropolis and in the offices of the Daily Planet. He embodies all that is great about Superheroes and is the personification of the human dream. You can love Batman or Captain America or anyone more than Superman, but Superman is the best. He’s Superman! To understand a character, you need to do some actual research or reading, not just base opinions around who you think the character is. If you want to get to know the character I’d recommend the following:

Superman: Secret Origin (Geoff Johns)

All Star Superman (Grant Morrison).

Superman: Brainiac (Geoff Johns)

For the Man who has Everything (Alan Moore)

Superman and the Legion of Superheroes (Geoff Johns)

The Man of Steel (John Byrne)

Superman: Birthright (Mark Waid)

Superman: Escape From Bizarro World (Geoff Johns)

Superman the Animated Series. (cartoon series)

Superman 1 and 2 (movies)


Justice League Movie Dream Cast

Superman- Henry Cavill
Batman- Michael Fassbender
Wonder Woman- Megan Gale
Green Lantern- Nathan Fillion
Flash- Scott Porter
Aquaman- Paul Walker
Martian Manhunter- Carl Lumbly
Green Arrow- Josh Holloway
Black Canary- Yvonne Strahovski
Atom- James McAvoy
Hawkman- Gerard Butler
Hawkgirl- Kate Sackhoff
Zatanna- Serinda Swan
Shazam- Brandon Molale

new pull list and Zatanna series looks promising

I'm too lazy to do weekly reviews. but i've updated my pull list to include Brightest Day, the new Flash series, Zatanna, and Return of Bruce Wayne after dropping Booster Gold, Supergirl, Action Comics, and Adventure Comics.
This week i was really impressed by Zatanna

Zatanna #1

This issue was really great! Paul Dini's writing was really good, i was really drawn into the story.  The magical crime scene was really sick and the new characters, Brother Night and his gang are some cool additions to the DCU.  Stephane Roux's art was also incredible.  I was able to read the whole issue without looking at the words and i could not only tell what was going on, but i noticed all kinds of fun stuff in the background.
Definately pick this series up if you're interested. i read this 3 times and still enjoyed it.
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Mbeck's reviews

I think i'm going to start doing quick little reviews of the books i pick up. i'll keep it short and sweet so they're easy to read. the books on my pull list/what i'll be reviewing:

Green Lantern

The Flash

Batman And Robin
Brightest Day
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Big news week for DC

DC's had some pretty cool back to back announcements this week.
1. EARTH ONE: Superman and Batman's stories will be retold (again. yes, but that will never change) out of continuity with a more modern interpretation. Basically its DC's answer to the Ultimate universe. Also, it will be in direct to Graphic Novel form. I'm definitely a big fan of this idea! A whole new version of the DCU to play with, without the shackles of endless continuity is very exciting! but of course we'll have the whiners who'll complain if its too different or too changed.i like the creative teams (Geoff johns/Gary frank and JMS/Shane davis...not huge on shane davis but I'll give him another chance) and i like the idea of graphic novels. that way stories have a start and finish with a definite point/goal. Hopefully we'll see some other characters get the E1 treatment too. but hopefully it wont go the route of All-Star line and we never see the completion or addition to the line.
2. WAR OF THE SUPERMEN: The event that's been building in the Superman books for the past year or so. I'm pretty excited about this, i've been following the superman line pretty religiously since Superman and the LSH. Definitely has potential to be really cool...but i'm afraid that its too soon after Blackest Night. not enough time for the dust to settle. and it may be unpopular due to event burnout. but hopefully it will deliver strongly.

This one i'm the most mixed about.  It really really bothers me that when the DCU takes a turn or makes a change, that they back out on it almost immediately before people can get used to it.  People were very  mixed about Dick Grayson as Batman, but they had him step up to the role and they've just gotten him through the whole "Do i have what it takes to be Batman" kick. I know Bruce was BOUND to return sooner or later. but i think that its too sooner.  But on a positive note, the idea they're using to bring him back seems pretty awesome. i trust Grant Morrison to bring him back. but the status quo has just begun to be re-established in Gotham, its a shame that its being shaken up so quickly.
To recap:
the bad:
1. Whiny fans, Shane Davis, Fear of no expansion on the line
2. Event burnout, Too soon after Blackest Night, afraid of what will happen to Superman
3. TOO SOON, DC's annoying habbit of an inconsistant status quo rears its ugly head again (ellaboration later)
the good:
1. a new universe w/o continuity binds, fresh look at characters, great creative teams
2. Big fan of Superman, excited for where the books are leading
3. Bruce Wayne is back, Doing it in a cool way
DC's habit of inconsistent status quo:

 overall a good time to be a DC fan
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Dollhouse Ended Way too soon

Ok so i watched the latest episodes of Dollhouse and i was a little bored with the episodes this season, but these last two episodes were AMAZING! i was so hooked i couldn't get up from my couch. i dont want to spoil anything because i definately reccomend watching these episodes, but as a quick synopsis of what i liked: They delved deeper into this Senator taking on the Dollhouse storyline and there are so many twists and turns that i really did not see coming. they do some different things with the mind tech and we meet a new Dollhouse and the counterparts to DeWtitt and Topher.  Topher's counterpart is Bennet (Summer Glau) who's character knew Caroline and is as beautiful as she is f**kin crazy.
its funny. its smart. its intense. and it really seems to have a plot now.
one of the major complaints of the show was its lack of plot, and the episodes seemed a little too "engagement of the week-ish" which i can agree with. but these two episodes really turned up the heat.
It is really unfortunate that they cancelled the show before these episodes aired. and i definatly think that the friday night time slot is a damper on viewers. if i hadnt stayed home i woulve missed it. it wouldve been better suited for Tuesday or Wednesday. nothing good seems to be on wednesday.  Thursday has like every single show worth watching (Fringe, Office, Community, Flash Forward, Parks/Rec, 30 Rock, etc). 
i will really mourn the loss of Dollhouse :(
Definitely check these episodes out!

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How can i sell my comics?

hey i have collected alot of books over the years. and they've really just been sitting in my closet. i've never considered selling them before, but now with upcoming college costs i was wondering if anyone had any hints/tips/suggestions as to how/where/what to sell them.


Fantasy Football with Superheroes!

So i had this idea a few years ago when my brother got into Fantasy Football, but i think it'd be cool if we could somehow organize a Fantasy League for superheroes. My idea:
1. Set up groups of people to draft/compete against 
2. Set up a list of available characters
3. Draft them
now here's the tricky part. In fantasy football (i'm not 100% sure how it works but...) these fantasy teams comprised of hand selected players compete against each other, and gain points(?) based on how well they play in real life.  And depending on who plays and doesnt play per week, the teams can be arranged accordingly.
So...i was thinking that the superhero teams drafted could have like 12 members per team, and then each week, depending on if they appear in a comic or not, 7 heroes can be chosen to "play" per week.  Now as to how they gain points? I was thinking they automatically get points for titles they appear in, and then based off their actions in the book, they gain or lose points.  now that's the complicated idea.  How to determine which actions gain points or not would be tricky. but here's my only thinking as to how this would work without having to create an actual list of actions that gain or lose points:
-Have a live chat/fourm chat thing. or a PM conversation where you list which heroes you have, where they appeared, and a list of things they did per issue.
-then, together with your opponent of the week, determine the overall point value of the character per week
-add up total scores
-winner advances
this is just an idea i thought i'd share to finally get it off my mind
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