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@k4tzm4n: He may have been holding back, but she still more than surprised him by clogging his wounds with dirt. I don't think you can say that either is more skilled than the other from the fight, but she was shown to be more precise than Wolverine was in the Weapons X trials. She beat his time by a few seconds if I recall. It may have even been a full minute. I would take that as a sign that she is more skilled over saying that he was just holding back.

Also, would love to see those two interact really, not just the clone thing.

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Great article, especially since I don't pick up Detective Comics anymore. To add to it, don't forget Batman and Robin revealed that he spent time training with Henri Ducard!

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@UrbanChill said:

why were they surprised that batman is a billionaire ? didnt he reveal who he was in the early issues of justice league ? how do you not recognize a billionaire playboy with a famous name? im pretty sure he has to be in the news alot

@UrbanChill: I don't know why no one is pointing this out. Batman specifically reveals himself to Hal in the open story arc of JL, and tells him his name. Then in this comic he doesn't know Bruce Wayne is a billionaire? Really? Morrison is so disjointed in his writing I don't even think he knows what he's putting down on paper half the time anymore. He's rode the waves of fandom for too long, and people really need to pull their heads out of his bum, and take a look around.

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Nothing here really grabs my attention. Why is Venom numbered at 13.4? That's a tad odd. That's a trend I hope ends soon.

There's a four issue mini-event in Venom and for those four issues, it's being released weekly. 13.1-13.4.

It's actually six Issues 13-14 with four . issues between. And it is a little odd even if it is a weekly series.

As for me, I'm pretty excited for Venom. Justice League has lost steam with me though, and not sure if I'll pick it up or not. Guess I'll have to wait and see what catches my eye.

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I haven't seen the movie, nor do I plan to, but I believe the real reason people didn't go see this one is because the first one was horrible to begin with! I'll admit the trailers of this one at least seemed to ramp up the potential of this film, but I just wasn't going to risk the money on a gamble that it may actually be better after watching the first; it's a good thing I didn't. Oh, and Nicolas Cage is just all wrong for the part to begin with. In fact, he's just turned into the most horrible of actors, offering up repeated hammy performances again and again. The funny thing is that he takes himself so seriously. I watched a piece about how he prepared for the role. He even went so far as to paint his face like a skull (he referred to it as a tribal-like design from witch doctors), and offered up a bit of information that he could, "See the fear in his cast mates eyes when he walked on stage." That made me lol, they were just looking at him like he was an idiot most likely.

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It is awful! The way he draws Wonder Woman's face in more than a few panels is atrocious. It's like he's trying to ape Chiang's style, but fails miserably in the process. It was a big turn off in this issue.

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Maybe it could make the title better, every time i tried to jump in i did'nt like it. The characters can be interessting but the way they interract with each other is really boring.

Agreed/ I'm going to give it another chance now that they're on the team. I just never could get into it before.

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I dunno about crossovers, but there should be more cohesion. Each title does have a very separate feel to it, and I'm okay with that to a degree. Atleast I don't feel like I'm missing out on something when a character mentions something that happened in another comic. Still though, maybe they should at least have comics that have something directly to do with one another have a little more fluidity between them. Like Superboy and Teen Titans for example.

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Write like Robert Jordan, and draw like Mike Choi. I know the first wasn't a comic book author, but man could he write.

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Ha, for your first post it was a great one. Welcome to the boards. Like K2 said I just don't think anyone knows what to do with Hellion. He's just lost in the shuffle, and that's a shame because he's capable of a lot of great things. I really duh him in the New X-Men series especially even if he was kind of a jerk, but that's also where a lot of his changes took place. As for what Liu did with him... I thought it was kind of out of left field. Well, not kind of, IT WAS OUT OF LEFT FIELD. You did bring up a good point though. I can kind of see how she would have done it to distance herself from the X-Men, but then again she still talks to Jubilee, and Gambit so I'm not sure that's really it. I still think it's mostly because she's going to a new non-X-Men related book. Well not heavily influenced by them at least. Oh, and you can't take WatXM seriously. I think it's a fun book, but it's more comedy than anything. lol