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@foxxfireart: But remember, Decade was only 31 episodes. Decade aired from January 25, 2009, to August 30, 2009. Double debuted on September 6, 2009.

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@foxxfireart: Don't forget, Kamen Rider Double had a scarf and that was only 4 years ago.

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love the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai references.

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This bothers me for a couple of reasons. I loved David as Batwing in Batman Inc and during his brief time with JLI, but I honestly found his own title to be quite boring. So to me this just seems like they switched David to Luke just to make the title more interesting. Which is ok I guess, but I picked up Batwing because I already liked David, and I really don't give a crap about Luke Fox so I'm probably going to just drop it. The whole dialogue given by David in the pic above just sounds like the writer justifying his choice, and not a "real" reason. I hope he still shows up in the remaining issues of Batman Inc, where he began and had the most relevance.

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@Perfect 10:

The universe of the Fourth World is and always will be it's own universe. There is only one Apokalips, New Genesis, Darksied, and so on. Darksied was looking across the Multiverse for his daughter.

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How can Steppenwolf be on Earth 2 when he was present during Darkseid's invasion in the first arc of Justice League? Unless Earth 2's invasion took place after the Justice League's origin.

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I'm sure it's been said before, but Jason and Tim seem to get along fine (as seen in Red Hood and the Outlaws #8). Despite fighting the Bat-family in Battle for the Cowl and during Morrison's run on Batman and Robin, the seem to do nothing more than name-call in the recent arc of Batman and Robin. Which is nice, honestly. I really enjoy how Jason has been portrayed in the new 52, he does seem to be handling things better. And I really enjoyed how he was handled in the already mention fight against Terminus, he went out of his way to shoot to disable, not kill.

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I loved this reveal. It felt very organic to the story, it wasn't forced or hyped online or in USA Today. Totally caught me by surprise, and yes very Morrison-like in using a long-forgotten Batman story element. I had a feeling that with all these Talons running around that we'd get a new Owlman at some point. I never thought I'd enjoy another Batman writer as much as Grant Morrison. Bravo, Scott Snyder! Cannot wait to see the conclusion and what happens next.