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@shadowhuntr: Yeah... and for that very reason Spectre should be attempting to punish him. After all Spectre received the authority to do what he does from a higher power, Superman didn´t.

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@maxschreck: I think we're supposed to doubt both sides. In the first year, before Supes became the "Man of Fear" even, Batman kidnapped Hawkgirl and held her captive when the only thing she did wrong was not agree with him. She didn't attack innocent people, hell, we didn't see her attack anybody period. It was completely unjustified, and Batman only did it to get a spy on the inside. Granted, Batman's team don't go around randomly murdering people, so I guess it's just one of those "lesser of two evils" type situations.

Interesting, I wouldn´t mind seeing the Insurgency being portrayed even less heroic. Can´t really forgive Bruce that he disowned his son after manslaughter, yet works together with unrepentant killers and thieves.

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@papinacho said:

@maxschreck: I doubt Batman knows about it, his orders were probably just to contain. ALso, Harley Quinn did say so I don't think it was extensive.

"just a little"

I don´t think we can trust that claim. This is the woman who loved the Joker... and she proved that she is not your harlmess Batman Tas Harley when she killed two police man in cold blood back in Injustice Year One. She should probably have her own cell right next to Flash and Damians.

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Am I the only one who is disgusted by how Batman and co allow Harley, a mentally unstable person, torture Barry, who we know is still more or less a good guy? We are supposed to root for the insurgency, right?

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Wouldn´t it have made more sense to have Superman tower over Batman?

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@entropy_aegis: I´d be okay with that if the writer can explain how he got this items and as long as it results in a good story.

Wouldn´t even be the first time Joker used Mad Hatters tech to mind control People. It already happened in Batman Tas.

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@jayc1324 said:

@entropy_aegis: who says it joker toxin that did that? Its obviously something new. Joker is totally necessary. Snyder is finishing up what he started in zero year and dotf. So yes he is necessary to finish Snyder's story with him. That's why its called endgame. Mad hatter is a crappy villain compared to joker. Jokers been gone for two years and he's Batman's best villain, and its his 75th anniversary. Now is the perfect time for his return.

Joker could have also just stolen Mad Hatter tech or got a sample of the spores etc that Poison Ivy uses to mind control people (which already worked on Superman in Hush).

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@dernman said:

@jayc1324 said:

@johnqestion: then don't read it

She obviously didn't hit him that hard if he's not dead...

Which helps make the whole thing stupid when I believe it was Batman who said she wasn't holding back, no hesitation, wasn't pulling her hits and really was trying to kill him.

If that was true that he would be a puddle of mush.

Give me a sec I'll find the quote.

"She means to kill you Bruce. There is no conflict in her about it. No pupil dilation, no hesitation in her movements. Whatever is doing this to her, she's a bit slower than normal but the fact remains.......She's not pulling her punches. So you can't either."

I noticed this too when I read it. Bothered me a bit. In the end, it kind of leads me to believe that maybe this is all a dream/nightmare/whatever that they were mentioning at the beginning of the issue. I HOPE it isn't, because that's so cliche. Loved the issue though, and the reveal at the end was perfect. Can't wait for more.

Even when she wants to kill him she might not choose the quickest way to do it. I guess "no hesitation in her movements" means that Wonder Woman simply does not give Bruce a chance to dodge her attacks like she would in a training fight or if she was aware that she is being mind controlled.

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I hope Batmans awesome fight against the Justice League was not just another hallucination.

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I am glad the Regime members currently imprisoned where not entirely forgotton. While I am aware of how evil Superman is supposed to be in this Universe I am still sort of rooting for his side of the conflict. So many of my favourite characters are among his followers, Shazam, Wonder Woman, Robin...