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Could this be just a joke ?

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Young Justice needs another season ! How can you give us a look at the threat that the Team would have to face in the third season and then simply cancell the show ? YJ was just as good as Jlu or Avengers , Earths mightiest Heroes . Now that Green Lantern is also cancelled us geeks don`t have a Superhero show anymore that we can enjoy .
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Probably , we`ve seen Gordon trying to arrest Batman at the beginning of Batman Inc #1. Bruce has done something after Damians death that has made Jim his enemy .

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I`d prefer a mini series about Damian , but this idea sounds pretty interesting ,too .

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Batman shouldn`t get another Robin . He already has three great partners , Dick , Barbara and Tim . Why should he risk being repsonsible for the death of another child/teenager ? Damian was probably more skilled than Tim and Dick were during their time as Robin and he even had Nightwing with him before the Heretic killed him . His death clearly showed that Batman can`t guarantee Robins safety . He risks that Robin will encounter a foe that he can`t handle on his own when they are sepperated .

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@RedheadedAtrocitus: I doub Tim actually is glad that Damian is dead . Covers always lie .... he is most likely not himself in that issue .

Surprised that Harper Row got so many votes . Honestly , I don`t like the idea of a female Robin . We`ve already seen this . Its not original . Most people probably just voted her because they think it is likely that she becomes Robin .

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One minute of silence for Damian please .... I`ll miss him a lot T_T

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@johnny_spam said:

With Damian's death ends a creative era of Batman it's clear that no one really wants this character to progress and change. It doesn't seem to matter that Batman is a character who has grown because of the changes made through the years it seems to be that no one even wants a Batman different from the eighties. Though if anyone was going to do it I am glad it was Morrison. Not looking forward to what comes after Inc. since the Batman books seem a little bland. Do not really like Harper Row and would not like it if she became the new Robin. There seems to be repercussions for the DC Universe I wonder if Trinity War is Batman trying to rewrite the timeline to save Damian. After losing both parents and his son Bruce should not really recover from this.


Saw it coming weeks ago -_-' What a dissapointment .


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Geoff Johns will be pissed , we might actually see a well written Batman in a book that is not entirely dedicated to the batfamily .