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Since when was slightly superhuman above street level?

Street level means that a character deals with and is threatened by things and people that operate in street level situations. Gangs, mobs, soldiers, and terrorists. Essentially; if the things that normal criminals can get access to can hurt and kill a character if they connect, then the character is street level.

The weapons and tools available in Marvel NYC make Spiderman street level, but a high street level.

Wolverine cannot die because of his HF, but he can still be seriously hurt by weapons that normal human criminals can purchase and build in Marvel.

The turtles' repeated problems and injuries from human characters like Shredder and Karai make it clear that they are street level by many definitions.

Thanks, I really should have written slightly superhuman instead above street level if your definition is correct.

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Please guys, Raphael is NOT on Spidermans level, that's ridiculous.

Yeah, the Scan Owie posted demonstrates pretty well that he is at best slightly above street level. I am glad this was made clear before voting closes, even though its not going to help Damian at this point.

So who will he fight next? While I love the character I don´t think he should face Emiko Queen next, she is too similar to Hit-Girl and hasn´t demonstrated any feats indicate that she could outclass Damian in combat as far as I remember.

A more interesting fight could be Damian vs Hawkeye, espacially since Damian is pretty good at fighting with bow and arrow himself.

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I'm not sure, given their mutual impatience, that they wouldn't just rush in anyway. Damian could throw some bombs/gas/etc at him, but he's kind of arrogant, he may just try to take him on in H2H right off the bat. In which case he'll find he's at a disadvantage.

A lot of people seem to forget that rushing into battle without thinking is something Damian only did when he was beginning as Robin in the old continuity. He quickly learned to be more cunning. A good example of this is an issue of Superman/Batman in which he allows himself to be captured by Killer Croc, just to get a good opportunity to catch him off guard. More recently he has been depicted as someone who fights quite tactical when facing stonger opponents. Even before Batman trained him he took on Man-Bats enhanced with Venom and won ( Batman and Robin #0). In the second Batman and Robin Annual Bruce learns that Damian managed to defeat Tusk, a super strong villain that gave him quite a beating during his first fight with him (, sadly its not shown how he did it). And in Secret Origins #4 he was again shown battling Killer Croc, and this time defeated him only using a taser.

If Damian is outclassed in close combat or can´t take out Raphael with explosives and batarangs he´ll change his tactic. Perhaps he will use the fact that he is a kid to get the Ninja Turtle to drop his guard, which would give Damian an opportunity to use knock out gas or the technique he learned from Nobody in Batman and Robin.

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Yeah, if the Turtles are almost as powerful as Spider-Man this should have been a fight between Heretic and Raphael or Raphael and Damian in the suit he wore during Inc -

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I suspect Damian would take down Raph like he dealt with Killer Croc and that giant Frog guy he fought in Gothams Sewers. (Batman and Robin #13)

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I think its wrong to assume that Damian would underestimate his opponent in this fight. When he fought Red Hood's sidekick Scarlet at the beginning of his career he also took her seriously right away.

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Well, Hit-Girl has the superior fire power, but once he gets close enough to fight her hand to hand he should end up winning.

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I am so glad Damian won :D Just please don´t ruin this by having him go up against characters that are obviously much stronger than he is.

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So far no one has made a longer post for why Damian deserves to be this websites Character of the Month. So here is my argument for why the deceased Boy Wonder deserves this honor and a bit more respect than he gets from a lot of people:

Not too long ago Damian has finally been introduced to a larger audience due to the movie „Son of Batman“ which will get a sequel called „Batman vs Robin“ in the near future, so it seems obvious that Dc still wants Damian to have a role in the future of the Batfamily, most likely after Peter J Tomasi´s Robin Rises story arc has been completed, which makes this nomination a great chance to learn more about Damian career as Robin for those that aren´t that familar with the character before his big return.

The last time we talked about Damian it was due to him sacrificing his life for the future of Gotham and Batman Inc, yet many people for some reason remember the character more for a fight he had with Tim Drake in one of the first comics he appeared in, similar to how Hank Pym never was able to live down a scene in which he slapped his wife in a very poor psychological condition. Just like Pym in Ultimates Damian later was portrayed as an even more villanous character in Injustice Gods Among Us, whose establishing character moment was to kill Dick Grayson, who in the main continuity has become his best friend after helping him to become a son Bruce can be proud of.

Despite being pretty much brainwashed by his mother, Talia al Ghul, for most of his life Damian beame a hero after the incident with Tim and saved the lifes of countless civilians, as well as some members of the Batfamily (including his old rival). Did he behave badly while he tried to adjust to his new life? Yes, but in 9/10 cases he eventually was punished for all he did wrong in one way or the other. Despite fighting his nature all the time the boy certainly was not spared some harsh lessons on the way. And during all this he never considered betraying the Batfamily or to return to his mother and grandfather.

When he died Damian was still inexperience and had only recently understood what it really meant to be Robin (or Batman). Why not allow the character to further evolve just like Tim, Jason and Dick? Compared to the three Damian had the shortest career as Robin, even though there are still many stories that could be told with the character. But in order for him to reach his full potential and insure his future as a part of the Dc Universe his fanbase has to grow larger and people have to get more familar with what he had lived through before he really got to enjoy wearing the mantle of Robin, a right that many feel he had earned far too quickly.

Let´s not forget that in the end even Tim forgave Damian his past sins and instead decided to honor the boys life alongside with the rest of the Batfamily by wearing a costume modelled after the one that had been worn by Damian during the whole families epic assault on Darkseids fortress.

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Damian - he really needs to get the spotlight for once :)