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I really liked Trevor , even though I think they should have revealed the real identity of the Mandarin much later. Kinda feel sorry for him now that he is in prison .... hope he is treated alright.

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@cantdance93: I expect to see Batman as a member of the team rather than just a dude in a costume who follows the others around.

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Well , at least this issue will shut up the people who claim that Batman is totally overpowered and never looses a battle (which is true for almost every dc superhero) but otherwise Iam pretty dissapointed. Whats the point in having Batman in the Justice League when he can't keep up with all the super powered characters in the slightest ? You don't have to make him as competent as he was in Grant Morrisons run , but at least have him contribute to the teams victory somehow.

You know , like in the Justice League cartoon, or the animated movies .

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Cool , makes his costume look much better .

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"A criminal mastermind more dangerous than the Joker and Luthor put together." - Batman

Ra`s al Ghul , he is a badass who has humbled some of the greatest crimefighters and villains in the Dcuniverse , Red Robin , Bane , Batman ... even the Justice League . Unlike some other villains on this list , Lex Luthor for example , he is also usually able to escape before the hero can punish him for his crimes . All in all I would say Ra`s is on of Dcs greatest characters .

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So they replaced Aquaman with Shazam ? I am sorry , but that sucks , Aquaman was an important character in the original story . Why replace him with Shazam ? Would have been cooler if Aquaman would still be in the movie with Shazam getting a solo movie instead of Aquaman .

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Well , Bruce was the first person who ever dogded Darkseids Omega Beam , but I am still not sure whether he could avoid Cyclops eye blasts . They seem to be even faster and there is not a lot of space between the combatants in this battle , so Bruce would probably not get away before Cyclops just knocks him out with a single well aimed blast . If he does however close the distance between them somehow, by dropping a smoke pellet if Cyclops hesitates for example , and then uses stealth to get behind him , he wins this fight . Cyclops might be an impressive fighter , but I highly doub he is as good as Batman .

Still voted for Cyclops , though . Got to admit that the first scenario that I described sounds a bit more likely .But I wouldn`t mind if Batman wins this one . It`ll annoy the Bat haters :)

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I think they should get a new actor . Would dissapoint me a lot if they hire Bale again now that the Dark Knight trilogy is over .

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@willpayton: Would be cool if you could explain this in more detail . How does the law of thermodynamics relate to the Big Bang or Evolution and what does this have to do with Religion ?

If you are going to answer these questions in another thread , please send me the link .

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Okay ... what did Damian do in this issue that people suddenly want to see someone beating him up again ? This version of the character seems to have little in common with the Damian from Batman Inc .