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Could somebody post some of Terrys feats? I have a hard time believing he would beat Damian as easily as some people say, when Joker (possessing the fighting skills of Dcau Tim Drake) came close to killing him.

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If Terry can contact Bruce or Dick is Damian allowed to use Brother Eye? The satellite would kill him in seconds.

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Who says that Damian as Batman has no feats?

Here on this panel you can see him take down four villains at once, one of them Flamingo, a guy who was still dangerous when Red Hood, his sidekick Scarlet, Dick ( as Batman) and Damian teamed up against him


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For the record, Damian himself is more loyal to Bruce than any other Robin:


Also, Damian did not just waste his life when he decided to fight the Heretic. He saved Tim and then contributed to preventing Talia from activating her doomsday device.

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I was slightly dissapointed by this issue, but overall it was still good. Loved the moments between Damian and each family member.

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@save_me_now said:

@lxlgiftedlxl: Also I keep hearing this point about the sonics. But the rules of this thread state that they have no knowledge of their opponents. So how does that work?

@maxschreck: Well first off I've read that issue and Cobb wasn't especially impressive. But also this is clearly lethal force. You think Damian would try to kill Matt/Elektra?

Cobb is not impressive? I`d say he is about as skilled as Ikari and on top of that has a healing factor. I`d like to see a fight between him and Matt.

I highly doub that he would use lethal force, but thats not important, espacially if he fights Daredevil who would definately hold back against him. What I was trying to show is that New 52 Damian fights much cleverer than the pre reboot version of the character did and would be able to defend himself against Matt or Elektra for some time. And even if one of them stops to hold back they would have trouble to take him out. I don´t think I´ve ever seen Damian knocked out in battle. Look at how Heretic throws him head first into a wall and he is still conscious. Before that he used a similar attack on Nightwing that knocked him out long enough for him to kill Damian.

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I am sure the Dynamic Duo would win this fight. Its true that Damian is much weaker than Daredevil or Elektra, but he should definately be able to occupy one of them, giving Batman enough time to take down the other. It needs to be stressed that Damian can fight very careful and tactical against opponents that are physically stronger than he is. Thats how he was able to take down a Talon, or swarms of Man-Bats during his training with Talia. -

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I am kinda dissapointed by the result of this fight. But at least Damian managed to get quite a lot of votes, too. He gave Raph a good fight.

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Does he? No offense, but the Turtles power level seems to be really inconsistent. When I asked a friend who has read all the IDW Turtles comics who would win in this fight he sided with Damian right away, which surprised me since he really does not like the character. So the scan I talked about earlier is probably not the only one that proves that Damian has a good chance of winning this.

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@senglord said:

Since when was slightly superhuman above street level?

Street level means that a character deals with and is threatened by things and people that operate in street level situations. Gangs, mobs, soldiers, and terrorists. Essentially; if the things that normal criminals can get access to can hurt and kill a character if they connect, then the character is street level.

The weapons and tools available in Marvel NYC make Spiderman street level, but a high street level.

Wolverine cannot die because of his HF, but he can still be seriously hurt by weapons that normal human criminals can purchase and build in Marvel.

The turtles' repeated problems and injuries from human characters like Shredder and Karai make it clear that they are street level by many definitions.

Thanks, I really should have written slightly superhuman instead above street level if your definition is correct.