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Cool , makes his costume look much better .

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"A criminal mastermind more dangerous than the Joker and Luthor put together." - Batman

Ra`s al Ghul , he is a badass who has humbled some of the greatest crimefighters and villains in the Dcuniverse , Red Robin , Bane , Batman ... even the Justice League . Unlike some other villains on this list , Lex Luthor for example , he is also usually able to escape before the hero can punish him for his crimes . All in all I would say Ra`s is on of Dcs greatest characters .

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So they replaced Aquaman with Shazam ? I am sorry , but that sucks , Aquaman was an important character in the original story . Why replace him with Shazam ? Would have been cooler if Aquaman would still be in the movie with Shazam getting a solo movie instead of Aquaman .

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Well , Bruce was the first person who ever dogded Darkseids Omega Beam , but I am still not sure whether he could avoid Cyclops eye blasts . They seem to be even faster and there is not a lot of space between the combatants in this battle , so Bruce would probably not get away before Cyclops just knocks him out with a single well aimed blast . If he does however close the distance between them somehow, by dropping a smoke pellet if Cyclops hesitates for example , and then uses stealth to get behind him , he wins this fight . Cyclops might be an impressive fighter , but I highly doub he is as good as Batman .

Still voted for Cyclops , though . Got to admit that the first scenario that I described sounds a bit more likely .But I wouldn`t mind if Batman wins this one . It`ll annoy the Bat haters :)

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I think they should get a new actor . Would dissapoint me a lot if they hire Bale again now that the Dark Knight trilogy is over .

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@willpayton: Would be cool if you could explain this in more detail . How does the law of thermodynamics relate to the Big Bang or Evolution and what does this have to do with Religion ?

If you are going to answer these questions in another thread , please send me the link .

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Okay ... what did Damian do in this issue that people suddenly want to see someone beating him up again ? This version of the character seems to have little in common with the Damian from Batman Inc .

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Nice , hope Batman does more than just standing in the background ,though . He never really got to prove why he is a founding member of the Jla in Geoff Johns run.

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The thief reminds me of one of the Others from Aquamans book .

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Could this be just a joke ?