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I'm really tired of the "real world" superhero film. The implication is always that comic book stories are completely outlandish by there very nature. Which every comic book fan will tell you is completely untrue. Can we just have a Superman movie. Because an alien planet that blows up and an invasion by General Zod is not "real world". Superman is the representation of idealism it's what makes the character. So if you want to make something so different why not go on and create a new concept for movie goers instead. One thing these directors and writers need to learn. These characters aren't just costumes and names. They have personalities and view that make them who they are.

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Dude. We get it CBS owns Comic Vine please shut up about it already.

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Upon reading this article I immediately imagined Batman speaking in Dr Trans voice "Buuut I love Horses"

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Can we seriously just stop all this speculation. Abrams didn't say anything and Lucasfilm didn't say anything. I'm incredibly excited about more Star Wars films. But this movie isn't coming out till 2015. If you go onto the official Star Wars site both Lucas and Kennedy said they have only just begun to have writers pitch ideas. Meaning even though Micheal Arndt has been confirmed to write the screenplay he hasn't written anything yet. Directors rarely sign up to do a film until they read the script "unless of course there contractually obligated which Abrams is not" There have been nearly four rumors of directors not including the other rumor of the Zach Snyder Ronin Samurai/Jedi spin off which also turned out to be nothing. I'm not saying Abrams won't be directing Star Wars im just suggesting we wait until we actually know.

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It's to bad Warner/DC didn't plan as well as Marvel. The Green Lantern movie was terrible and I can't see fans getting pumped seeing Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern again. It would seem incredibly unlikely that Nolan's Batman universe would be used and I think it would be just as unlikely that DC will just start rolling out movies for every character just to bring them together. Man of Steel looks incredibly well done from what's been shown so far and it would seem like as good a place as any to start seeding a universe for a Justice League movie. It's just disappointing it wasn't all planned out beforehand.

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You can't kill the Joker. And I think that's the reason writers enjoy him so much. Because even when he loses, he wins. That's why I love his character. And maybe my views are a bit jaded due to my disliking of Damian as a character. He's a brat, then he'll have that one moment that makes you go "wow maybe he really did learn something, or wow he really opened up" But in the next issue he's the same arrogant brat. So the short hand is Joker will never lose to Damian.

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Best use of the wilhem scream this week!!!

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I can't imagine this being the plot for a Justice League movie for the following reasons

1. Characters such as the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman have never had films that have introduced themselves to audiences on the screen. Imagine then the confusion of having alternate versions of characters, the New Gods. and possible other characters from Apokolipse all in one film.

2. If they are going to do a shared universe that means more films for more characters. And rebooting ones not consistent with there vision of a shared universe

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G-Man that shirt is awesome.....Where did you get it

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Its such a blast seeing Tony Moore on Deadpool. One thing you learn reading Fear Agent. That man can draw insane.