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I think it's just a politica correctness issue. They needen an african-american in Daredevil, let's make the Kingpin an african-american. They needed more female characters in Superman, let's turn Jimmy into Jenny.

No need for it, really. If they want to do it, do it. I just don't find the necessity.

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I was recently reading this issue and for me, it just don't feel right. Someone even throw in "rape" if that is the case because Doc Ock would deceive and lie to MJ,

BTW the redhead doesn't seems too comfortable with Peter. She must feel something's wrong. How come Daredevil not sense a change in the heartbeats? or Wolverine can't smell something different? I know it's Peter Parker's body and memory and all but something changed no matter what.

Oh and a mayor spoiler: Pete does "come back" as a jedi ghost type of thing stopping ultra violent dark anti hero Superior Spider-Man.

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While some comic book readers might find politics a bit too much, i do believe some of the best comic books/graphic novels are entirely political.

V for Vendetta is one. By the way, it's my favorite comic book.

The Dark Knight Returns is very political, the early Frank Miller was heavily political. Born Again, Give me liberty, Ronin... they all had something to do with politics.

I do believe politics should be adressed in comic books as long as they are taken seriously and not just for propaganda.

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It clearly wasn't love at first sight, as a matter of fact, Peter would get irritated towards MJ in some issues, particularly after Gwen's death. 
Peter couldn't take MJ serious for a while, and even though they kept going on and off during their marriage, i think it was quite a believable relationship, many marriages are like that, without the fiction part, of course. I never thought that the marriage aged Spidey, as a matter of fact, they were quite loved by the youngest readers. 
In conclusion: It wasn't love at first sight, it was build upon time and real love. like 99.9% of relationships.

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I am amongs those that actually wouldn`t like to see Kraven revived. 
I did like the issues with her daughter, in my opinion, Spidey should be darker, specially when the Karvinoff family is involved. 
The impact Kraven`s Last Hunt had makes, IMO, almost impossible to resurect him.

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I think that he is right in some way. It´s true he complains too much but he sure has been treated like an underdog by DC.
I believe that what he is trying to say is that comic book industry, both Marvel and DC, recycles ideas. Sometimes, they use issues from the 1990´s or 1980´s and creates "new" storylines from that. We have to accept that comic book industry is currently going trough a creative crisis right now.

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The only thing i have been concerned about is the fact that writers might fall into self- censorship.
Other than that, commercially it will be a great decision for Marvel since they haven´t pulled out good series or movies lately.

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Recently Batman and like a year or so Spider-Man untill the American Son storyline that´s going on.

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@Clone of me:
 Because Joe Q has a narrow mind, the idea he has about Spider-Man is a lame two dimensional character like the one we were given by Stan Lee in the 1960´s. It worked back then but not in the 21st Century. Or in Alan Moore´s words: Spider-Man would finish off with his girlfriend due to a misunderstandment, the Rhino would escape from Ryker´s Island and destroy everything because it was Friday night and there was nothing better to do, the same rancid arguments Marvel has been giving us since the 1960´s over and over and over...
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I like both of them very much when well written. Time has proven that this characters can either be disastrous or excellent. And yes, i have always note the similarities in them. That´s why it pisses me off that Spidey don´t have any T+ storylines anymore. He is also a tragic character gone cartoonish.