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Where was the Hulk? :( I didn't see him. I'm super excited about the Avengers. Yeah!!!!

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@King Saturn: T-1000 isn't a shapeshifter, he's more like Spawn, a human or robotic death machine. I guess I could have been clearer, but I only know a handful like Beastboy, Morph and Chameolon boy. I'm sure there are more, but it is not coming to memory. 
@ntb1124: I've heard some of those, but they still suck. Number Two and Three are: Superheros who lose their power more than once (...cough...Spiderwoman [Jessica Drew]... cough...) and evil robots who want to conquer the world by destroying humans.
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I  know most of the comic community hate Countdown, I never read it myself, but they blame that for Black Canary and Green Arrow marrying each ither. Now rumours are circling they are going to divorce. I don't know the details, but should heros really be thinking of divorce or worse breaking up. 
I know problems arise and it feels it can't be worked out, but superheros should never get a divorce, except for Hank Pym, he is a maniac. They deal with our problems head on. We will never fight a guy who can freeze you or a man who can punch through steel, but they do. it is fantasize and they represent the problems that plague us today, so heroes should be more like... heroes. They should stand and work things out, there is not always an easy solution. As heroes set an example for the normal people and become model citizens, they have seen the worst of it so why not work it out when things get rough.

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I say Batman. Oh yeah and i hate L.

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That was funny, but journalism is hard to get into to, even harder to find a good journalist in the field. So Clark Kent may be just that good or they have a low budget and firing someone just to hire someone else may cost too much.

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The real Batman is back, but he's been there for a while, but i know what Kyle means. You can't have two Batmans, but there were a lot of Batmans before Dick and who knows, he may have to pick it up again when Bruce gets hurt, sick or stuck in time again when he has to fight through the past.

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I actually love the movie Thor and thought it was more true to the badassness that is Thor. The comedy was an added bonus which i enjoyed, but one fight scene i did not like, Thor vs the Destroyer armor.

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No one knows how to write her, just as the Phoenix (Jean Grey), or no one has any creative ideas for her. That just sad because i think she is the most powerful and unique hero or villain in the x-men comics.

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@White Angel Of Death: Like i said, "who is Indra?" He has no bearing with me and i don't know what he can do. So rouge doesn't have any bearing with me. So Rouge loses in my book. If u want me to include rouge then tell me what Indra's powers are. Ms. Marvel is strong, but like i said i favor Storm.

@Son Of Storm: i'm sure the battle will be tough enough for her to tap into some of that magic.
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Well I don't know who Indra is, so I'll go with Sunfire based powers for Rouge. I would say Storm because she is smart, tactics and can absorb heat energy. If anyone gets to close she can summon a tornado to keep the other two at bay. Storm also has magic abilities, too which just makes her that much more of a threat.