Predictions for Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels looks fantastic. I can't wait. Since I have a full month until it premieres, I will be listing many possible plot points, predictions and other countless errata, that may occur in this show.

1.) The Emperor will not appear in Season One, but Vader will at the end.-Vader has a toy in the upcoming rebels line, yet the Emperor does not. He will appear at some point, just not in this season. Vader will be in the season one finale.

2.) Maul will appear- Darth Maul will make an appearance, and may even join the Rebels as he hates his former master enough to join their side.

3.)Bariss Offee will appear, as one of the Emperor's Inquisitors. She will have a climactic duel with her former master Luminara, who survived Order 66.

4.)Hera will be revealed to be the daughter of Cham Syndulla, and will fight alongside him against the Empire on Ryloth at some point.

5.)Princess Leia will appear at some point, along with Lando Calrissian and Jabba the Hutt. Rotta the Hutt will also be around

6.)Death Watch will aid the Rebellion.

7.)Kanan's death will push Ezra to the dark side.

8.)Tarkin will have a role.

9.)One of the Rebels (Kanan) or possibly another will die

10.)Onderon will be a hotbed for rebellion.

11.) Zeb will avenge his people and kill Special Agent Kallus

12.)The Blue Shadow Virus may make a reappearance as well as Palpatine's plan to clone the Zillo Beast.

13.) Kanan and Ezra may travel to the birthplace of the Jedi Order (Tython).

14.) Order 66 survivors may ambush Palpatine on a pilgrimage to Moraband and attempt to kill him.

15.) Palpatine's full name will be revealed, or the name of yoda's species and homeworld.

These are just guesses. Some are educated, others are far-fetched ideas from the deepest recesses of my mind.


Technology that is absent in Star Wars

Advanced technology is a staple in science fiction and Star Wars is no different (yes I know it is considered Science FANTSASY), but I can't help but feel that certain elements in sci-fi are inexplicably absent. Technology that should exist, but doesn't. Again, I know some of these techs would alter the storyline, but I'm looking at this purely from an in-universe perspective. In the Star Wars galaxy, their are scientists, and engineers, who strive to create better weapons, and better ways to get certain jobs done. The Death Star was a goal to revolutionize warfare. Surely the geniuses who designed it, may have had other ambitions. Here is a list of things I'm surprised have not been attempted to have been built in Star Wars.

1. Matter transmission- Where is the teleportation technology?

2. Time machine- Who wouldn't want to travel through time?

3.Matter replication- Uh? Instant food and supplies anyone?

4. Wormhole travel- Poof your their

5. Singularity weapons- Poof your dead.

6. Molecular phasing- Going through ships before destroying them from the inside.

7. Food in a pill- No more rations

8. Nanomorphic tech- Change into anything

All in all, why hasn't anyone tried to create this stuff. Is it perhaps too difficult for science to achieve and is deemed impossible. Is it currently being researched by top minds in a laboratory somewhere on Coruscant, or do these things pseudo-exist, and we just don't see them on screen as they are not relevant or pertinent to the story being told. What do you think? Have I missed any techs?


Star Wars Episode VII is looking pretty bad so far....

I was always apprehensive about the new Star Wars, and if J.J. Abrams is the right man to helm it. The return of all original actors and his promise to not overdo CGI made me really excited, but if recent rumors are correct, Episode 7 could be the biggest let-down since well.....The Phantom Menace. Recent rumors supposedly stated that the new movie will involve no new unified government, and that the villians are Jedi Hunters; beings who seek to resurrect the Sith. .......... WOW. Talk about the corniest, been their done that kind of plot. And now Max von Sydow is cast as Darth Merkiin. MERKIIN!!!! Please kill me now!!!!


Why killing the EU wasn't the worst idea ever

When LucasArts pulled the plug on the EU recently, I was besides myself with nerd rage. I was livid. I felt like everything I knew had been ripped from me. The EU was the best part of Star Wars for me; it provided a framework for the movies and allowed me to immerse myself in a rich universe, that was just as big and real to me as the real one. It was my escape from the bullies and harshness of reality. All gone. However, their is a light in the darkness.

1. The EU was too big and had too many loose ends. Sometimes less is more.

2.The Clone Wars continuity was too muddled anyway, and their didn't seem to be enough time during the war for everything to happen.

3. The EU introduced way too many Order 66 survivors.

4. The Marvel comics were bizarre.

5. Their was no one cohesive canon.

6. Negation of the Chosen One prophecy with the return of the Clone Emperor.

7. The celebration on Endor was short-lived, as it took 15 more years before the war really ended.

8. A lot of Luke's early Jedi students went haywire.

9. The lame Darth names during the Legacy era and The Old Republic game.

10. The Ewoks tv series and movies which really aren't Star Wars-y.

11. Starkiller's over-the-top Force abilities.

12. The existence of an entire planet of Sith under everybody's noses.

13. The Killiks (waste of time)

14. Waru, nuff said

15. Durga and his Darksaber

16. Tons of super weapons that mimic or one-up the Death Star

17. The static of technology progression and the downright technological recessions.

18. THE HOLIDAY SPECIAL (yet this might be canon!!!!)

Things that will be missed.

1. The Solo kids/Ben Skywalker

2. Mara Jade Skywalker

3. Grand Admiral Thrawn

4. The Yuuzhan Vong

5. The Darth Bane trilogy

6. The entire Darth Plagueis novel

7. Vader's culling of Jedi.


9. All the young readers written by Jude Watson.

10. Red Harvest

11. The origins of the Sith.

12. The mystique of the Celestials.


14. Human Replica Droids-especially Guri ;)

15. Arkanian dragons

16. The mysterious force power Kinetite.


What Star Wars Episode VII will be like

Here's my fair and honest opinion on what Star Wars Episode VII will be like.

1.) It will blow all EU canon away.

2.)It will focus on a newer younger generation of characters, with the Big Three appearing in cameos.

3.) It will not focus on CGI, but on more "real" effects.

4.) The dialogue is unknown, but most likely better than the Revenge of the Sith.

5.) The story will be a lukewarm, been-their- done- that kind of plot with a few interesting story points thrown in.

6.) It will attempt to re-capture the magic of the Originals, and it will LOOK like it is trying to recapture the originals.

7.) A lightsaber duel will occur (duh its Star Wars)

8.) It will have somewhat of an emphasis on technology, as J.J. is a strict sci-fi buff.

9.) Tatooine will appear.

10.) Sexual tension will occur at some point between characters.

11.) The hyperdrive tunnel will be done and it will look fantastic.

12.) Midi-chlorians will not be mentioned, due to fan dislike.

13.) No lens flare.

14.) An avid EU-fan will recognize something from the EU in the film.

15.) Disney's ice cold touch will be felt somewhere in the movie.


What things I want to see in the Son of Dathomir comic series

The Son of Dathomir starts in May and is supposedly the anticipated final fate of Darth Maul, that had originally been planned for Clone Wars until it was cancelled. This series has the potential to be the biggest thing in Star Wars since the Darth Plagueis book and I would love to see a lot of interesting things go down

1. Maul using Force Lightning- We never see him use it and I would love to see this particular force exertion. He certainly has the capability.

2. Palpatine vs Talzin- It was established in Restraint that Talzin feared Palpatine's power, but her sorcery may have increased in that time. A magic-esque deul between the two would be cool.

3. Dooku vs Maul - The ultimate battle of apprentices!!

4. Maul vs Grievous- Two beasts duke it out.

5. Some mention of Plagueis- Maul started to put two and two together shortly before his death, as seen in End Game. Does he still remember?

6.Maul's death- Maul's cool but he needs to die. His story is over. By Palpatine or Obi-Wan's hand preferably.

7. The Darksaber's final fate- It has to end up somewhere. Possibly in Palpatine's private collection.


TCW Canon cruncher

I have recently thought of The Clone Wars as a canon cruncher. Why? It likes to destroy canon previously established by authors. The worst is when they kill off characters that already have met their ends elsewhere. As Season 5 comes to a close, it looks like Bariss Offee has her head on the choping block...AGAIN, and I am beside myself with nerd anger.

1. Even Piell

2. Adi Gallia

3. Asajj Ventress

4. Bariss Offee?


Clone Wars Wishlist

I like TCW I truly do. Sure its a canon cruncher, but its entertaining and what else would a nerd virgin like myself do on a Friday night at 8 (okay now its on at 9:30 am saturday, so I have no excuse). Here is a list of things I'd like to see in Clone Wars at some point.

1. Darth Maul vs General Grievous- This would be an epic duel, and I'd have no clue who'd win. Mechanical footsie anyone?

2. Something to do with the Yuuzhan Vong- I actually like the Vong and I'd like to see a cameo of one of their spies or scouts which were active during the Clone Wars.

3. Plo Kloon's Electric Judgement- Come on Filoni. Koon's your favorite Jedi, so I'd like to see him discharge some justice. Yellow please.

4. Arkanian dragon- Yeah I like dragons.......

5. Sith spirit- I'd like to see one of these bad boys, maybe try and seduce Anakin....

6. Epic death of Ahsoka Tano- its time for Miss Tano to go. Put her on the final straw list for Anakins conversion and please make it unforgettable.

7. Yoda lightsaber duel- I don't know who'd be good enough to make Yoda whip it out (snicker), but Dooku is always an option and who knows, Impress me.

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Lightsaber colors?

Yeah I just saw a new Databank entry for the Jedi younglings and they all (except Zatt) are weilding their new lightsabers. Petro, Katooni and Byph all wield blue as expected of a youngling, yet Gnodi and Grungi have green. Green has always been associated with a Jedi more intune with the Force, and Ganodi and Gungis' methods of retrieving their crystals supports that. So do they have more midi-chlorians then their peers?
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Ahsoka's Force resilience

I just watched Tipping Points, the last episode of the Onderon arc, and I have to say I was very surprised at Ahsoka Tano's latest close-call. While levitating Steela from falling off a cliff, a Droid Gunship's still active droid brain targeted Ahsoka with its laser cannon hitting her in the shoulder and causing her to lose her force grip on Steela. Steela dies but completely unharmed? That laser cannon should have burnt a hole in her shoulder blade and killed her instantly. I mean Asajj Ventress got hit by a measly blaster bolt on Dathomir and could'nt move her arm afterward. I doubt Ahsoka has any experience with Tutaminis and even if she does, I doubt even the most skilled Jedi could dissipate a suprise attack like that instinctively. No other forces are at work, and I think Ahsoka's resilience stems from her resseruction at the hands of the Daughter. The Daughter transferred her remaining life force to Ahsoka, and I think the personification of the light side of the Force would have a more sturdy and powerful life-force than the average being, granting Ahsoka the side-effect of being more durable. I mean come on, those gunship blasts could damage a tank, and Ahsoka wasnt even injured, barely stunned! Any comments on my theory?
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