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it's a book I wouldn't mind lending my younger niece to read. Sure, it's about a Princess wielding magical powers, but it's also about more than just that. At it's core, it's a well written story about a teenage girl on her own personal journey of self discovery and it's written in a way that feels accessible.

While I can agree with that for Amethyst, I believe a major flaw with Sword of Sorcery was the incompatible backup features. I enjoyed the Beowulf feature, but it didn't have the same tone as Amethyst. The first Stalker chapter was even more incompatible. I feel like the titles in Sword of Sorcery as well as Threshold would be better served if they were sold separately from each other. Larfleeze would probably benefit most from being sold a digital first series.

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The background music is too loud.

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I'm lucky that the two series I'm interested in collecting, Minutemen and Silk Spectre, are collected together. I wouldn't be interested in buying a Silk Spectre book if it was paired with any other series.

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The Shazam story in Justice League, or the Robins story in the Batman zero issue.

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Justice League 1-5 didn't have backups, but were still $4 so it's not perfect. I'm mostly looking for the inconsistent backups that aren't raising the price.

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Is there a way to find which titles and issues have backups? I know about Batman and Justice League getting backups, but I'm confused by other titles. Unless I'm mistaken G.I. Combat has 32 pages plus a backup while Sword of Sorcery will be 40 pages plus a backup both for $4. Red Hood had a backup in issues 10 and 11, but stayed at $3. Are there other titles like this that have had an occasional backup but stayed the same price?