Review from 1-30-13

Aquaman #16

The Justice League reserves try to slow the advance or Orm and Atlantis while Aquaman rescues the other Justice Leaguers from the trench. Cyborg and Mera are able to join Aquaman before they find out that Orm doesn’t have the scepter. While fighting the Atlanteans, Hawkman stood out with his bloodthirsty fighting as someone who won’t get along with the League. There were glimpses of the others and I hope we get more in the conclusion. The art is good, but I prefer the Justice League team. The betrayal by Vulco was set up well and he looks like a promising villain. I can’t wait to see how this crossover shakes out.


I, Vampire #16

I love this series, but not this issue. The first thing that stands out is the inconsistent art with four different artists across the twenty pages. I know that Sorrentino moved on to Green Arrow, but at least issue #15 had a single artist. Cain tells a boring story about his origin which Mary bails on and is found by Constantine who may have killed Tig’s father. A stone from the tower of Babel has the power to fight vampires. With such a fast moving series this slow issue was disappointing even before the jarring art.


Justice League Dark #16

Zatanna and Tim learn the history of Epoch and how Tim is the ancestor of a hero who promised to bring a magical army to fight the scientific humans who want to destroy magic. Vikar, an enforcer of science, is able to defeat the remaining members of JLD. It’s funny that Constantine can’t use lies to manipulate others, but I’d like more explanation if it continues. The conflict between magic and science is interesting, but it would be nice to learn about the scientist’s perspective before their world shakes apart.


Teen Titans #16

Tim and Jason are captured by the Joker. The Joker has them fight to save the lives of their dads, but after a moment they stop playing by the rules and attack the Joker. It wasn’t really the Joker and they get gassed and dragged away. Future conflicts with Trigon and Basilisk are teased with Lance showing he hurts when using his power to shut down powers. I feel that Tim narrates too much; the art clearly shows his glider being used like a blade. The art isn’t the biggest problem with the series, but hopefully the new artist is better. The story wasn’t really bad, but the tied up dads didn’t hook me.


Talon #4

There are many things I like about this series, but a couple of annoyances keep me from loving it. Most recently, I’m conflicted with the Gotham Butcher super talon. The different talons that we had met all have awesome backstories, but all we’ve really learned about this guy is that he killed a lot of people in the 1860’s. I understand he’ll be around a while so his story will unfold over a longer period than other talons, but I wish we could know more about why he is such a scary guy. I also don’t like owl-faced Sebastian communicating with everyone while he is isolated in his little office. There are many small things in this issue that really work for me. I loved that Calvin dislocated his shoulder and needed Casey to pop it back in. Another cool small detail was the freeze gun having one charge. The art of this series is really good.


Superman #16

The Justice League tries to stop H’el and Supergirl, but they are too late to stop his star chamber from activating. The art of Kenneth Rocafort shines on Krypton as H’el prepares to depart the planet. Supergirl’s trust is being stretched to the limits of believability, but when Superboy has so much fun slamming her face into the ground it is understandable that she wouldn’t trust him when he tries to turn her against H’el. With his ability to make Cyborg miss his boom tubes, the limits of his powers grow farther away. The crossover would have been better without the Superboy title, but Superman proper has continued to be enjoyable.


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