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@hashbrowns: I wouldn't be that critical but it was cringe worthy and G-man has apologized. Judging people by their worst is kinda depressing budday, but we've also seen Tony close to his best many times, and if him being childish and petty is the worst of him, he's still an alright guy.

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G-man brings up the batman argument again, so I went back and listened to it.

G-Man just acts like a fool.

Sarah is right. She's even more right as it becomes clear that A) A death was on the table (Morrisons B+R)

B) The fallout from DotF is trivialized as the Bat family just returns to the status quo.

C) It hasn't been addressed how crazy Batman is.

D) The whole reason Batman is Batman is because his family died, and when a psychopath is standing over your family with an axe, and you have a gun, you don't think to yourself 'OH well, y'know I can't really kill him because that's wrong, and because I don't want to dictate what happens, to like, society and law, man."

I bring this up because it would be a great story arc for Joker to be put to death, legally. I bet Batman would be racked with doubt since handing in criminals would be the equivalent of killing them and he may even try and save the joker. You could address how crazy Batman is and also set up a great arc, not about Batman killing Joker, but about letting him go. What do you think Batman would do if Gotham enacted the death penalty?

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He's good, really good, but it's clear he has been 'chosen'. His grooming is interesting to watch.

I wish he would fight harder for his titles, because it's clear editorial is milking him in a really obscene way. He knows story structure and plotting better than to have encouraged all the abuse of DotF, and I wonder how he feels about Morrison's meta dick-slap. Maybe he doesn't want to risk his future? That's just what I sense.

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I didn't mean offence. But if you're concerned about power levels then you're just setting yourself up for disappointment. Almost intentionally it seems...

Their making a fighting video game so they will balance it as such. Though the use of scenery breaks competitive balance. I assume Green Arrow is a zoner and that Black Adam is a juggernaut.

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Yes, and he is also unchanging. That's why he's so boring.

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@kal_smahboi: *Slowly waves hand* This is not the game you're looking for.

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Man he has really torn through these Robins at a fast pace these five years.

Shouldn't his first reaction be to be kinda mopey but go find a Lazarus pit?

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Pairing Katana against Wonder Woman? WOW.

That's an even worse idea than expecting Catwoman to take down Batman.

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Ya, this would work and be great. I think the potential for great stories between these two is intriguing.

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