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I like District 9, but Chappie was bad (I really wanted to like it) and so was Elysium (I was against it from the start). So I'm unsure if the director has the chops.

Besides this I LOVE the Aliens series.

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A Podcast for ANTS?! It needs to be at least, TWICE AS BIG!

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The reason the moment was bad was because A) We never had scenes of Superman saving people, and exalting how important life is to protect and B) It wasn't really played up that Superman HAS a thing against killing. There's no excuse for this, it's bad writing, and wholly separate from the 'should superman kill' debate. That said the whole movie didn't feel like Superman, holy crap, dark and gloomy.

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@jldoom: I that case nearly all of my complaints are moot and I should wait and see.

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Soooo. The best they can do is recreate the pose of a famous American flag raising but replace the flag with a Canadian one? And then have American superheros be doing this?

Ya as a Canadian, no thanks. Also, it looks like the story will be about a bunch of Americans just walking across the border and setting up? Are they going to go through customs or something, are they implying Americans can just walk north into their northern state? Does Canada even want a Canadian Justice League, made up of Americans? Are they going to be enforcing Canadian law now. Maybe there will be a couple Canadian super heroes? I don't see any. I'm sorry, but this isn't flattering at all, it seems really arrogant and subtly imperialistic.

Now I apologize if someone feels I am coming off as antagonistic, this cover doesn't represent anything but the creators feelings, and I don't mean to imply my disgust of this idea translates into disgust of other American individuals. I suppose the most reasonable reaction is to wait and see, but since this cover is being sold as the summation of D.C.s plans I have to say: fuck off, I have no interest in being treated like the 51st state.

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What the Superman-Batman movie needs: An ounce of brevity, a cup of camp and a teaspoon of tongue and cheek.


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I'll miss Sarah. I'll forgo filling the void of explanation with wild conspiracy theories, and just hope the best for her. She's still really young, and hopefully has learned from the Comic Vine experience. Good luck to ye Sarah Babs Lima!

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They should lose the blue stick. Just have it be white energy, which would make more sense anyways. Nice try attempting to sneak red white and blue into an otherwise red/white design and market it as Canadian.

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Man the way G-man read my question made me feel stupid.

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((I sent this as an Email as well but will also post the question here!:))

Hey G-Man, Babs, and crew! Name's Maurdakar, Long time listener, first time 'caller', long time - first time.

In the aftermath of the new Superman MAN OF STEEL movie I have had a few questions I would like to ask of you, oh wise sages;Is it appropriate to allow meta (outside/external/foreign) influences to affect a professional review. Undeniably meta-influences can affect our enjoyment of art, but how much, if any, is appropriate to allow into an opinion of art. Positive or negative, should external factors brighten or shadow your view of art, or is it more appropriate for a piece of art to stand by itself; on its own internal merits and flaws?

Yes the public should (and is) aware critics opinions are influenced, but is an art piece standing alone an ideal you reach for in your reviews?Also consider the value of a comic standing on its own, as opposed to fitting into a series, but please focus on the fact that someones opinion of art, ie; the supes movie can be influenced by how much they like or dislike the character.

Should meta influence reviews?

P.S. Stay classy, and stop worrying about people accusing your reviews as being paid off, there's such things as internet trolls and as internet media content providers you just need to ignore them.