You need to put a few things in prospective if you're talking about a DREAM TEAM of X-Men.  Does that mean CURRENT?  Does that mean EVER?  Let's just go with the current array of X-Men.   
I'm friggin' tired.
The three mutants I have added in this comment are who I would guess to be the candidates for death.  Let's start with CABLE.  He's been time-warping for YEARS protecting HOPE.  And if any of you have read Cable's newest series, you know that he's not doing too good physically.  He's taken some serious lumps for the prophecized "mutant savior".  Will it all be worth it?  Or will his final act as a hero and X-Man be saving mutantkind? 
Second, Kurt "Vahgnah".  We all love NIGHTCRAWLER.  Wolverine even has a soft spot for the guy.  Halle Berry does as well.  After the newest issue of X-MEN
I'm lovable but I stink.
LEGACY, he's returning home with Rouge, Psylocke, Blindfold, and Mags after a run-in with PROTEUS(a Trekkie, not really).  Now I read an interview with MATT FRACTION a few days ago and I have been mulling it over.  Fraction said that this death is of a character we all know well, and all love.  Which brings me to the assumption that he definitely could be killing off Nightcrawler. 
Then again, maybe Hank McCoy could be even more loved that Nightcrawler.  BEAST is at the top of my list to axe.  He's been through a lot in the past three years.  So much that he decided to up and roll out of "Utopia".  I really wish S.W.O.R.D. would've gotten another 12
Good as dead.
or 15 issues.  A new writer and artist might've made it more appealing because I loved AGENT BRAND and Beast's loving banter with one another.  And LOCKHEED!!  Anyway, so, he leaves the X-Men, and S.W.O.R.D. gets cancelled in the real world.  Hmmmm?  Again I revert back to that Fraction interview.  
Moving on with that in mind, here's who I would put together(excluding the aformentioned) as my CURRENT X-MEN DREAM TEAMS. 
UNCANNY X-MEN W - M. Fraction  A - The Dodsons 
Emma Frost 
Kitty Pryde  
Uncanny X-Men is the driving force of their universe.  Therefore, it needs the core members remaining, plus NAMOR rocking it out for mutantkind.  Whereas Legacy would be more driven by Prof and Mags teaching the seasoned, yet still new X-Men.
X-MEN LEGACY W - not Joe Casey  A - Phillip Tan or Clayton Henry(I loved "Rise And Fall of the Shi'Ar Empire")
Professor X 
That's what I got.  What would you people do?

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Posted by Yugen

i think hope will die and come back. and cable will end up sacrificing himself. and maybe scott

Cable #23
Posted by Ahmed Sherif

Why don't you add Dust and Hellion on the Legacy.    
Posted by warlock360

I'm sure Xaviers gonna die, and then Mags is gonna rule the X-men.

Posted by CATMANEXE--defunct


Posted by rbysjti

Posted by geraldthesloth
@rbysjti said:
" Shadowcat "
Is already dead..
Posted by rbysjti
@geraldthesloth said:
" @rbysjti said:
" Shadowcat "
Is already dead.. "

i see. well then, for as long as it's not Storm and Wolverine, nor anyof the x-men gold team
Posted by Pulsar

Most of the X-men gold team aren't even X-men anymore. lol Banshee, Bishop, Jean Grey are all gone. I would like to see an updated Blue team after all this second Coming crap is over though, cause Astonishing isn't cutting it as a first response team. bring it back to a more stable frontline of Colossus, Gambit, Psylocke, and Kitty. Then add a few people who are frontliners anyway like Namor, Iceman, and Magneto. They would be a kick azz squad. 

Posted by uncanny89

i would like a complete change after second coming,  
Uncanny as basically becoming the blue team from the 90's with a few changes Cyclops as leader, and others being Angel, Stepford Cuckoos, Rogue, Gambit, Beast and Iceman 

Astonishing becoming the Gold team, Emma as leader, Storm, Namor, Collosus, Wolverine  
X-Force Wolverine as Leader, Psylocke, Domino, Warpath, Elixer, X23, and maybe Angel 
New Mutants would become more about the training of the younger X-Men with the current New Mutants (Dani's new mutants) teaching the New X-Men

Posted by CellphoneGirl
@geraldthesloth said:
" @rbysjti said:
" Shadowcat "
Is already dead.. "
Isn't dead >.>
Posted by geraldthesloth
@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" @geraldthesloth said:
" @rbysjti said:
" Shadowcat "
Is already dead.. "
Isn't dead >.> "
Did that issue come out today O_o
Posted by CellphoneGirl
@geraldthesloth: No, but she isn't dead, they announced it lol
Posted by geraldthesloth
@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" @geraldthesloth: No, but she isn't dead, they announced it lol "
well technically she was never dead..just flying around on a space bullet..but you know
Posted by CellphoneGirl
@geraldthesloth: I see..
Posted by Stormultt

As much i have disliked scott, fraction did make me love him a little more. Plus scott has worked very hard minus is trashy wife emma. Scott will live.
Posted by rbysjti
@geraldthesloth said:
" @xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" @geraldthesloth: No, but she isn't dead, they announced it lol "
well technically she was never dead..just flying around on a space bullet..but you know "

is she dead or not?
Posted by crimsonspider89

No Kitty is not dead and is returning to Earth by Magneto in the next issue of Uncanny.

Posted by uncanny89

She isnt Dead see uncanny X-Men #521 last page and then the trailer marvel released about kitty's return


Hes not married to Emma, and she isnt trashy. 


Posted by rbysjti

I'd say Shadowcat and Nightcrawler and beast. They're not really contributing much to the team.

Posted by Shipwreck

I have to nit pick this.  
When was Jean back from the dead? I see Rouge which is RED in French! 
It's Rogue. 

Posted by Pulsar

Well, we all know Beast isn't gonna die because of the new image of Astonishing X-Men from after Second Coming. And it's suppose to be a classic character and a new one. I wonder is this the arc were the all the depowered mutants get their abilities back. Or at least some of them.
Posted by J77

The Beast in in the  Astonishing X-Men image looks like the older primate-like Beast. Not the current feline-Beast.
So either his appearance changes somehow or he is replaced by Dark Beast (who somehow turns good)

Posted by jordama

Beast aint gonna die because they are gonna use him in the Heroic age 

Posted by AgentOrange

Emma unfortunately
Posted by Thunderscream

Rogue :(

Edited by Benzo

I have a bad feeling that  either night crawler or rogue is gonna die during second.... 
And i love those two characters!!! :( Also, isn't Deadpool supposed to be joining x-force after second coming???( that's what I've heard)

Posted by rbysjti

it's really hard to guess...

Posted by Kain

Well it's already known it isn't Cannonball, Cyclops, Cable or Hope thanks to the second coming one shot issue that came out a few weeks ago recording the after thoughts of the people who survived.
My bet is Nightcrawler or Emma, if not both.

Posted by rbysjti

For as long as it's not Storm.",)
Posted by Wildstar

Killing Emma would be epic!!!!! Having Hope kill her would be an incredible WTF moment in the story arc.
Posted by Thunderscream
@Wildstar said:
" Killing Emma would be epic!!!!! Having Hope kill her would be an incredible WTF moment in the story arc. "
she should telekinetically burst emma's breast implants causing silicone poisoning
Posted by Rune

I am pretty sure cable is going out on his shield he has been fighting long enough let him get some rest

Posted by rbysjti

I really think shadowcat will not die

Posted by Yung ANcient One

i have no idea who will die... cept... maybe Hope... Cable... or dam almost anyone...
except Logan Scott... and ah... Kitty... i kinda think kitty wont because she jus came back... or will come back... so why would they bring her back jus to die...
Logan... i mean hes too busy in Heroic Age to die
Scott jus because i think he will leave the X-men... and get a solo series...
Emma could die... but im not sure...
Elixir can die... but then again... he might jus only lose his powers...
i dunno man

Posted by rbysjti

i think it could be somebody whose not an original member of the x-men

Posted by iLLituracy


Posted by rbysjti
@iLLituracy said:
" Storm. "
She won't die cos nobody can kill her. I think.
Maybe Pixie should die.
Posted by iLLituracy
@rbysjti said:
" @iLLituracy said:
" Storm. "
She won't die cos nobody can kill her. I think.  Maybe Pixie should die. "
I'm pretty sure a lot of people could kill her. A normal human with a pistol and really good aim could kill her.
Posted by A-Strondinaire

Carey already said Rogue isn't going to die, He said she was very close to the baby. The only hint they've given us is it's a close friend of Wolverines and they've shown nightcrawler on some concept art after second coming. I think it'll be cable and a new mutant.
Posted by Lupine

Domino. I just think X-Force has to lose someone and it's probably going to be her. It could be Warpath, but if I'm picking, Dom. 

Posted by bumnut
@rbysjti said:
" @iLLituracy said:
" Storm. "
She won't die cos nobody can kill her. I think.  Maybe Pixie should die. "

??? You really love her, don't you :-)
Posted by John Valentine


Posted by twiztidtunes

close freind of Wolverine?? Jubilee

Posted by John Valentine
@twiztidtunes said:
" close freind of Wolverine?? Jubilee "
Why? She's pretty much irrelevant and has been so for the last ten years. 
Posted by biggkeem89

I think it might be Archangel. Just a hunch
Posted by ironshadow


Edited by mattydeNero

We're getting closer and closer to finding out who it will be.  I really think it's dope that some of you have responded.   
I'm still leaning towards CABLE.  Not really with NIGHTCRAWLER or BEAST so much as I was when I posted this topic a few weeks ago. 
However, now my darkhorse is ROGUE. 
Call me crazy, but it's a possibility. 
I've also seen that a few people beieve it to be EMMA FROST.  I just don't see that to be a likely scenario.  FRACTION has said it's a "lovable" character.
Posted by rbysjti

That would be great if Cable will be the one who would die.

Posted by Foxman22

somehow Hope will manifest the phoenix and become corrupt (aka Dark Phoenix).  then either Cable or Bishop will sacrifice himself to save all.  i would love to see Emma whacked (sorry, NOT a fan) but i highly doubt that...however a boy can dream.

Posted by Edamame
@Foxman22: Bishop will be there?
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