It's early Saturday morning here in the greatest state ever.  Virginia.  Say it with me, "Whaaat?!"  Yeah, I'm being full of the shit.  But right before I was about to hit the hay, I thought to myself, "Sweet shit, X-Men Forever Alpha drops Wednesday!!!"  Why is this such a big deal to me?  Easy.  Chris Claremont, Jim Lee and the X-Men.  Sure, we've seen this art on the covers before.  I'm 27 years old, own every copy of X-Men vol. 2 #1(like 3 times of the "gatefold") much like any other 27-30 year old that still reads/collects/whatevers.  It sold three billion copies.  Not really.  But its millions I tell you.  This picture on the right was on the other side of the gatefold classic cover of X-Men #1.  Can I see the hands of the kids that bought multiple copies just to put every pin-up up somewhere on your bedroom walls?  Come on now "hands-downers", you can get the book for a dollar now most places.  If you haven't, buy 'em and fucking do it.  Cover a wall in your house/apartment/where ever.  Leave it for like 15 minutes.  Take a picture or something.  It looks awesome, trust me.  It's Jim Lee, he's the man.  The Nike of artists.  Everybody's gotten them before.  Perez and Byrne are like the low-cut and high-top Chuck Taylor's.  Every b-ball sneaker/artist nowdays would not exist without them.

But anyway, I love what MARVEL is doing with this book.  It's just a reprint of X-Men vol. 2 #s 1-3, but it's the BEST volume two EVER had to offer.  That's debatable with some X-fans, but if you ask me, after issue 10, it's kind of been a bum-out for 16 years.  I'm just saying.  In my opinion, once Jim Lee left the book, it never recovered.  I hope this book sells because a lot of the new X-Men fans NEED to read this story.  And then, once it kicks your ass 5 miles, you'll get back up and proclaim June's X-Men Forever #1 to be yours forever more.  We now will see Claremont's vision of Fabian Cortez's destiny of crazy.  And I know that some characters will die or get depowered, it's an older Claremont.  But still, I hope this book stays in 1991.  Like, no time-jumps to the current continuity.  Or any of that Earth-[insert number here].  This is like a "What If Chris Claremont hadn't left X-Men?" 

I'm super-excited.  I'm a devout fan.  I own every issue of Uncanny X-Men from 177 on, but also know that achieving the entire Uncanny run is crazy talk for a guy like me.  My near 400 books are something that I still love to flip through.  Doing the voices on the covers with the voice-bubbles.  "C'MON, MESS WITH US--MAKE OUR DAY!"  That one stands out.  But all in all BUY THIS BOOK!!  Both Covers, match 'em up, it'll be a good time.

Bedtime for Bonzo.
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