mlog? 2

What the dealskis? “Monday, Monday, na-na, na, na-na-na…”

Had a pretty good weekend. I finally got down to watching Eastbound & Down’s first season yesterday. It’s a very funny show but also requires a certain taste for comedy. This is not a light-hearted comedy series. I was surprised at the uncomfortable moments throughout the first season. Some parts were uncomfortably funny and some not so much.

Something else dope: Darkman. One of my buddies I don’t see very often came through with a late Christmas gift that was a Darkman DVD. I had the film on VHS growing up but it is one of those films that I just don’t think about purchasing used for $2.99. Anyway, I will be viewing that in the next day or so. I have two days off from work so I am sure I will be catching up on various things TV and film-wise.

I’m going to Wrestlemania 28 in Miami. I could’ve lead with that sentence seeing how I have done this all day today but this is a comic blog/”mlog” after all. The same homie that hooked me up with the Darkman DVD also had an extra ticket to Wrestlemania. How could I refuse? We both live in Virginia but it is totally worth the drive. I loved pro wrestling as a child when it was still “wrestling.” Always have wanted to go to Wrestlemania and although I’m a little out of touch with WWE today, it will be a friggin’ blast regardless.

NOW ON TO COMICS…Action, Invincible, Amazing, Avengers X-Sanction, Uncanny…all on tap for Wednesday. Pretty excited about Invincible #88. The end of #87 was the first fist-pumping moment for me in a long time. This book has hit a bid of a snag in the previous issues so hopefully #88 will keep the same pace as #87.

Then you have Grant Morrison’s bang-up Action Comics #6. Again, another book last month with a killer final page. DC isn’t giving much away so I won’t either. The Legion and Superman teaming up with Morrison orchestrating the fun is going to be an action-packed interstellar joyride(hopefully).

X-Sanction #3 pits Red Hulk vs. Cable, apparently. I am not sure how I feel about this story as a whole. Half-way into the series I feel as though it may have needed more issues? Maybe not. Number three will be this story’s proving ground. After all, it’s a the spark for Avengers vs. X-Men. And where’s Hope in this series? I would have figured she would “know” her “father” had returned from the “future.” Oh, X-Men lore.

Now Amazing Spider-Man is something that I have always picked up. I loved the Sinister Six stories that Dave Micheline and Eric Larsen gave us in the early Nineties. I’m stoked to see them back. I will say that I like Hobby in that crew as opposed to Rhino. Dan Slott has been an awesome and I have been looking at Humberto Ramos’ work and loving it ever since Crimson.

All in all I think my Wednesday stack will be pretty rockin’. Not to mention that I have back-ordered Avengers titles as well. The last Uncanny issue I read was #525. In February and March I prepare for the war of the summer. Don’t let me down, Marvel.

Off to another Geology lab. FUN! Lateskis.


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