So there was just a news post quoting Ryan Reynolds and producing the DEADPOOL MOVIE that, let's face it, we all need in our lives.  Reynolds mentioned figuring out who the villain should be and the "break in the story" that "they" were looking for.  Now, this is going to really be the first movie to where our main lead actor knows and has embraced the character of the "said Marvel film".  And unlike any other "spin-off" we've seen from Marvel, this spin will probably make the film the character that came from "null and void" -- just a day in the life of Wade Wilson.

As far as the story for the film, I am hoping that they really do some extensive research.  You know, read everything

Now they can be successful by taking bits and pieces from different stories over the years, but in lies my question: Who's badass enough to be the villain?  DP's is one of Marvel's toughest customers because he can simply kill you, and talk your head off before, while, and after doing so.  One guy that I can remember that would make for a great baddie would be GIDEON.  For one, he looks ridiculous, think of the jokes.  But tie Gideon in to Wade Wilson's past to where Wade has him drown a boat that DP had been paid to destroy or something.  Gideon is an EXTERNAL, one of his mutant abilities is that he's immortal.  Like a Highlander.  You'll need to cut his head off in order to kill him, or have a dose of the Legacy Virus laying around somewhere.  DP likes the blades, him cutting off Gideon's head off at the end of the film would be cool. 

Gideon can also "copy" genetic power signatures.  Meaning -- despite him being immortal, he could copy DP's healing factor to where DP wouldn't succeed in chopping off the head of Gideon for the death blow.  If DP can reattach his head, don't you think Gideon could as well?  Plus, Gideon is a highly successful businessman.  He could maybe hire Wilson to do some work for him, and if they have a past, that would make it even better.

I'm just looking at this in the aspect of developing a story and villain for the film.  Most of us are familiar with the last few issues of New Mutants in the beginning of X-Force vol. 1.  Let's face it, comic book films are just like films based on novels.  It will never translate.  At least with the Deadpool movie that's in the works can at least give us a character to which we don't give a shit what he's doing, just as long as Deadpool knows that he's become a star in his own comic book, and film.

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But what about his arch-nemesis. His Dr. Doom, his Baron Mordo, his Green Goblin, his Dr. Bong. the intimitable T-Ray!

Posted by Abnormally Warm Guy

T-Ray is tough but I don't know if an albino body builder wizard would translate to film.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
@Abnormally Warm Guy:
well the whole "wizard" angle can be downplayed a bit. but yeah I can see where your coming from
Posted by morf

They SHOULD have T-ray in the movie! Just imagine.... Tom Hanks with an oversized Boo-boo strip over his nose... Now that's entertainment!