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When I was young I had a Hulk comic but unfortunately I lost it. I don't remember what volume or issue number it was but I do know it was printed in the mid 90s and it may have had a white cover with Hulk on it of course. Only thing I remember from the comic was a baby in pink clothes holding a spoon and sitting on Hulk's shoulders. Please help me remember what issue it was! I would like to own it again!

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What do you think of Darkhawk? Do you think we will ever see Darkhawk returning to his own series? Maybe in the Marvel NOW! relaunch?

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@pspin said:

Why cant they just use the series names like normal ads? It would be so much easier.

Fraction on FF and F$, could be interesting, the galactus arc of Mighty Thor was pretty good but the rest was arguably less so there is a 50/50 shot of it being good, going to be tough to follow Hickman though.

Spurrier on Legacy, I am not familiar with his work but it better be good, Mike Carry was awesome and Christos Gage has been good so he better not suck.

They are called "teasers" for a reason not "here it is in your face"

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I hope Jason Aaron continues writing Wolverine and the X-Men!

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Also Superman has no personality. He rarely cracks jokes or taunts his enemies. He doesn't try to pick up chicks. He isn't clumsy or makes mistakes. He's very stoic for the most part.

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I would rather have a Civil War animated movie! It's been awhile since Marvel has released an animated movie!

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What's the point of this segment? It seems the writer gets to choose THEIR favorite covers and say they are the best of the week when they aren't. We, the fans, buy and read lots of comics so we know what covers we like. My favorite covers of the week were Flash #11, Batman Dark Knight #11 and TMNT #12 so maybe those were the best!

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I love it! His current costume is 70 years out of date! :P

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i didnt expect this film to beat out Avengers, any logical person wouldnt either aha

BUT i mean cmon look it how close it did though...thi is just one DC comic hero going up against marvels best in one movie.

can you imagine when justice league comes out in the future! i think Marvel is nervous that DC is even talking about Justice league. lol

I don't think the JL movie will do as well as The Avengers will. It's DC, they are notorious for having sub-par live action films(*cough* Green Lantern *cough* Superman Returns) besides Nolan's Batman movies. Every Marvel movie has done really well in theaters including the Punisher and Ghost Rider reboots.

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If Nova is going to be a big part then I hope that means Darkhawk will return!! :)