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@wmwadeii: My guess is that it will be 17X11

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I'll have tot look for it on eBay!

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The Falcon looks like a midget on the cover!

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Higgins run was great until after The Death of the Family tie ins. Then it got lame. I was excited for a new writer but now it's ending :(

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It's no secret that Disney likes to over saturate things with sequels and prequels. I don't know if Disney directly affect this.....but do you think they over saturating Marvel and Star Wars?

They put out 2-3 MCU movies a year and now putting out 5 shows on TV/Netflix with chances of cameos which could potentially establish future spin-offs or mini series shows or a movie. Do you think that Marvel is being over saturated or are people to get burned out on all the Marvel movies/shows? (I don't think that at all. These are just things I see in comments or posts on facebook and youtube and I can see where they are coming from. I personally think they are trying to establish a brand new kind of story telling since comics are not read that much anymore and most of these characters aren't as popular with the general audience anyways until they are in a movie. People are just lazy and would rather see something than to read something lol)

Do you think they are doing the same with Star Wars now that Disney owns them? They plan to release a new Episode every other year with a spin off movie in between. And now they have a new animated series and will probably start brand new comics once Marvel starts doing the comics in 2015. Do you think people will get burned out on Star Wars? I know it's been around for almost 40 years but there was a 20 year gap between the movies. *edit* and now there is a casting call for a Star Wars tv series!

I personally don't care if it burns everyone out. It won't burn me out because I enjoy Marvel and Star Wars and like a sucker I will pay to go see them and buy them when they come on DVD and I won't complain.

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I can't stand that its the typical CW teen drama and that they keep using Batman characters!

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@dbatdog said:

How many issue will this have before they renumber this again...

It seems renumbering or cancellation happens at issue 12, 19, 25, 32 or 42. My money is on 19

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I am a little confused about how Franklin Richards is considered a mutant. I understand he was born with his powers but I think he had that potential because his parents gained powers and their bodies are full of radiation I am guessing. Plus, I don't think he has hit puberty yet and already has powers. Most mutants gain their powers when they hit puberty. Also does he have an X-Gene? I thought to be considered a mutant you had to have an X-Gene? I think his parent's bodies influenced that and they aren't mutants. Most mutant's parents did not have powers or an X-Gene. If he is a mutant do you think he would make a great addition to Wolverine's school? So would that make Spider-Girl from MC2 a mutant since she gained powers from Peter Parker?

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Not as bad as Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange. I could probably deal with it. I really like Taylor Kitsch as Gambit from X-Men Origins. That was the only good thing about that movie!

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They should totally do that issue of Green Arrow trying to join JL and they won't accept him unless he changes his name to Blue Arrow lol