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These figures are awesome but I don't think they are worth the $25 price tag I keep seeing :(

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I don't care for Superman at all but I like Scott Snyder so I might be persuaded to give this new Superman book a try!

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@Miss_Garrick said:

I'm glad to see Manderin's 10 rings, I thought they weren't going to show up since the Iron Man avoided magic up till now.

I need to know the backstory on that huge bunny there

Once Thor came out is when they introduced magic the Marvel cinematic universe. We don't know if he will be using magic. I think he had a gun in the trailer and he used helicopters for his dirty work. Wouldn't he just conjure a spell to blow up the mansion.

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Today's episode was hilarious!

Raph: Maybe he's going to church?

Leo: What church lets you dress like a robot?

Mikey: A really awesome one!

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Which of Nightwing's costumes is your favorite? (Black and Red, Black and Blue, Brown and Red, or the Hippy Mullet Disco suit)

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I think Norman Osborn should be a behind the scenes villain until the 3rd movie. Go ahead and introduce MJ in the second film for a classic love triangle. The villain in the 2nd movie should be the Jackal. Have Peter and Gwen in college and Miles has a crush on Gwen but she doesn't reciprocate because of Peter. So he gets DNA samples of Gwen and he clones her for a clone for himself. The shadowy figure from the end of the first movie (probably Norman) confronts Miles for help to get to Peter and the knowledge of Peter being bitten by the spider and being Spider-Man and he wants Spider-Man for himself (like in the Ultimate universe). An experiment goes wrong turning Miles into the Jackal. Later in the movie Jackal gets a sample of blood of Peter from an earlier fight and keeps it. Later, SM and Jackal fight and Jackal dies. Movie ends with the shadowy figure (Norman) finding the sample of Peter's blood in Miles's lab. End credit scene shows a naked man looking like Peter on a bed and the eyes open and the scene ends. Yes the clone is going to be Ben Reilly but be Norman's creation from using Miles's research. Then in the 3rd movie have Norman become Green Goblin and use the clone to get to Peter, MJ and Gwen and the final scene will have the classic Gwen Stacy death. Idk what MJ's, Ben Reilly's or Gwen's clone will be. I know my idea is out of place of the comics but why see the same thing again and again? I like different takes on things.

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Nothing majorly new but I am glad it is still in development. Hopefully it is not connected to the Wolverine Origins movie!

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Tap dat booty Supie!!!

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I still don't like the new armor. I don't understand why they had to change it

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@luke_kerridge said:

I hate you Americans with your weird dating. I was thinking Iron Man 3 wasn't actually too far away, then realised

What? European dating is weird! Who puts the day before the month? When you read a calendar you find the month then the day!