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Yeah I am sad that X-Men Legacy is no longer focusing on her :(

I hope she still shines in Uncanny Avengers and in Wolverine and the X-Men!

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@nickthedevil said:

Lex Luthor is a Fantastic character. I use him, Felix Faust, Arkillo, and General Zod the most. I'm unbeatable :P i just wish they could come out with Flash-mythos characters. We've already seen the Superman-characters, the Batman-characters, and the Green Lantern Corps... Where the hell is my Flash and his Rogues!!!!

I know right? Why can't we have Gorilla Grodd as a playable character?!

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@HortonDrawsAWho said:

The comic has always prided itself with the concept of ANYONE CAN DIE/ NO ONE IS SAFE. I feel like the show wants this concept but can't reach it. Normal TV and Movie rules apply. Carl after this episode is now Invincible, as is the baby. Maggie (if she takes the caretaker role) is also invincible. I will be SHOCKED if the characters ever even take a step inside of Woodbury now. Most likely there will be no Woodbury entertainment, the Woodbury army is essentially 6 guys with a Hummer. Tyreese will never exist. I'm not going to be surprised if the show eventually gives up what the cause of the zombie outbreak was, only because thats the type of thing a tv show would reveal in a season 4 or 5 finale. The writers don't care what the comic readers (us) think, and it's easier for them to just kill off someone then write them a story. T Dawg could have very easily been turned into Tyreese, Woodbury could have very easily been more thunderdome and less Pleasantville, and Lori could have been likable and not written as a moron. At this point I've completely stopped myself from wanting the comic parallels, were not going to get them. Give rick a machete instead of a hatchet, why? because it will anger the comic fans and its change for change sake.

Sadly, people who adapt movies/shows from comic books don't try to gain the reader's interest. They try to gain the whole world's interest. People don't read comics so they don't know what the true story is anyways so they are free to do what they want because no one will no it's different than the comic.

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This episode made cry! I haven't cried since little Sophie died :(

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@Lurkero said:

It seems weird that the show is not really developing a significant plot, but that may be because I am used to watching shows like Young Justice that try to balance 3-4 plots at a time.

TMNT is still fun to watch so not many complaints here. Filler episode or not.

I think they try to keep it easy for kids to follow

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This was the best artwork gallery yet!!

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I hope Hope is on this team! I don't want to see her dropped off now that she fulfilled her purpose!

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I would love to see Jamie Foxx as a villain! I think he would make a better Hobie Brown/Prowler though. Id rather see the Jackal as a villain since Gwen Stacy is involved in this new trilogy.

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I got a couple of complaints about comics that come out nowadays...

Why don't publishers number comic pages anymore? It seems they stopped doing that after the '90s

Why do comics cost what they cost today? ($2.99/$3.99). Do you think they will pass $3.99 someday? It seems we pay 10 cents a page even for the pages with advertisements which those companies should have paid money to put their ad on a page and we shouldn't have paid money for that page when it seems they already paid for that spot. I could be wrong on how the cost of issues cost. I feel like comics could be a $1 cheaper if we don't pay for the pages that have ads on them.

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@War Killer said:

I hope this doesn't mess up Star Wars: The Clone Wars, that's one of my most favorite TV shows currently.

You need to watch more TV!!!