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While I am newer to comics (about 6 months) and do not fall exactly into your boat, I agree with what you say about digital comics not making any sense in their current form. If you live within reasonable distance to an LCS, I cannot understand why someone would pay the same price digitally as for a physical copy.

I down an iPad 3, iPhone, and have a laptop, so I can download and view my comics any which way that I want, but I just won't do it digitally although I love my iPad and reading comics on it is a treat. In fact, I would probably say that I prefer my iPad to paper for reading comics because of the light reflecting off a glossy page.

Unfortunately we live in the age where everyone feels entitled to everything, so if comics for your iPad aren't reasonably priced on the apps, people will just torrent them and read it that way. It's the same thing with music.

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I picked up #1 just because it was a dollar and I got the variant cover of Tarzan slashing the throat of a Lion! Anyways, I was completely blown away at how amazing the issue was, especially considering that I hadn't heard about it before.

Just got back from LCS and got the Francavilla (my fav artist) variant cover!

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I am incredibly excited about this! I had no exposure to Flash Gordon before Zeitgeist and I loved it. Marked this date on my calendar already.

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I don't really see what is so exciting about this trailer. It didn't show anything at all, just had one funny line by Iron Man. :(

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@G-Man: OMG That is awesome!! Thanks for the upload.

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I really enjoyed that hamburger picture :)

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I picked this up last night with a sweet variant cover of Tarzan slitting the throat of a lion. That was worth a dollar alone.

Gonna have to wait until I read the comic before checking out the rest of this article, but definitely looks great!

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I picked this up for $1.00 a while ago and loved it! #2 was even better, in my opinion.

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Do they need it in all cases? No, but it can make a character cool, more memorable, etc. However, in some cases, it is a must. Take Magneto for example: He needs his helmet to prevent Prof X from getting into his head, but he doesn't necessarily need the cape and the whole costume but it makes him more badass.

In Batman & Robin #5, Damian is told to take off his cape because it serves no other purpose than to be flashy or stylish.

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@higher_evolutionary said:

So the guy had ONLY ONE book and was the lowest selling, critical bomb of the new 52, one of the absolute worst
,not to mention he also writes marvel;s worst most horrible comic deadpool, now he gets THREE freaking books
whoever made this decision need to have their head reexamined
even morrisonand snyder dont write three titles

Thanks for all those wonderful pictures and grammar you used! Anyways, Synder actually has Batman, Swamp Thing and American Vampire. One, two, three!

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