New Readers Definitive Review on All of DC's New 52 #1's

Here is my ranking system for all the #1 issues of DC's New 52. I started reading comics in late August and was only familiar with superheroes like Batman, Spider-man, X-Men and Superman. The rest I may have heard about but knew little to nothing about them. My disclaimer here would be that I am ranking these as a new reader, not a long-time fan that is aware of what happened previously. So, expect to see lowered ratings for a comic that may be awesome but not friendly for a new reader.

**Please excuse some of the short-hand and abbreviated language. I wanted to make everything fit into once line to keep things brief.**

5 Stars: Will be buying for sure

All-Star Western: Just loved the Hex and Arkham team. I got lost reading this book and just fell in love with it.

Animal Man: Surprisingly interesting character I never heard of before. Very dark and gorgeous art with a creepy story.

Aquaman: Aquaman?! HA! I cannot believe that they actually managed to make him cool.

Batgirl: I really like Barbara, she is smart, capable and sexy. I like the story and the art.

Batman: Favorite comic of the 52. It's stories like this that I even wanted to get into comics in the first place.

Batwoman: The art is insane! Another good story from the Batman Family. Again, surprised I would like a Batgirl/Batwoman story.

Demon Knights: Read like an RPG fantasy novel. I just got lost in this and get really excited for each issue. Nice origin story too.

Red Lanterns: I didn't know anything of the Lanterns before reading and this one did the best job of explaining them and I like Atrocitus a lot.

Swamp Thing: Basically the same reactions I had to Animal Man. Best looking comic of the New 52.

4.5 Stars: Will most likely buy these

Action Comics: Never been a Superman fan until this came around; he seems vulnerable and new. I like it a lot and will buy it.

Batwing: Batman of AFRICA?! Sounded crazy to me but I really enjoyed the story and will pick it up again.

Green Lantern: New Guardians: My favorite of the Green Lantern books, did a nice job explaining to me what the hell was going on with GL.

Nightwing: I like Dick a lot more as Nightwing than I ever did as Robin. Will definitely pick up.

The Flash: Nice brief origin explaination and liked the plot twist at the end. Will probably pick up.

The Savage Hawkman: Reminded me of Animal Man, with hero in identity crisis and I liked the art and story. Picking up again.

Voodoo: One of the few 52 books that actually got the sex part right. It wasn't trashy like Catwoman or Red Hood.

Wonder Woman: Surprised to see that I enjoyed it. I'll pick it up just to see if I actually like Wonder Woman.

4 Stars: Might pick up a few of these or at least check out a few pages in store

Blue Beetle: I liked the origin story and it's one of the few teenage stories. Will pick up at least 1 or 2 more issues.

DC Universe Presents: Deadman: Kind of cool idea, undecided at this point as to how much I like it. It's a bit confusing story.

Detective Comics: This was just okay. The art and story are probably just a little too dark for me, but I will pick it up again.

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E: Really enjoyed this weird comic but the art was definitely rushed in a lot of cases.

Green Lantern: This was the first GL I read and it was way too confusing for me. Might be worth it when I know more about GL.

Green Lantern Corps: Did a much better job of explaining GL than other. Will grab cuz story interesting and I want to know more GL.

I, Vampire: Very dark and unique. The story didn't track incredibly well for me. I'll see how reviews are before I get again.

Justice League: Too short and not enough happening yet but will still get it.

Justice League Dark: Most enjoyable of the JL's for me. Very dark :) and I want to see where this is going.

Men of War: Good to see a unique comic about non superheroes but I just don't enjoy modern-warfare stuff.

Suicide Squad: Story was predictable but I've never read about a super villain group, so I'll get it again!

Supergirl: Much better than SBoy, SMan, and she piqued my interest. Nice too see she wasn't too sex'd up either.

Teen Titans: I liked the characters so far and the story is interesting. I can see it getting very good in the long run.

3.5 Stars: Failed to capture me but might pick up one here or there if reviews get better

Birds of Prey: Not interesting and they hardly explain who Black Canary and Starling are. I'll wait for reviews.

Blackhawks: Wanted to like these but too many unexplained characters.

Catwoman: Why doe she have to be so slutty? She can still love sex and be classy. I'll still check out but wished it was better.

Deathstroke: I really like this character and the idea behind him. Will see how reviews are.

Grifter: Nice origin tale and got me interested in character but not sure if enough to get #2. Will see reviews.

Mister Terrific: Not a bad comic by any means, just doesn't seem cool enough to carry a comic on his own. Won't get again.

Resurrection Man: I really wanted to like this and they did a good job explaining him, but it doesn't seem like he is done right.

Superman: Here was the all-powerful Superman that I find so boring. Nice artwork, but he just doesn't interest me.

The Fury of Firestorm: Similar to Blue Beetle for me. Might pick up again.

3 Stars: Won't buy single issues but will see how volume reviews do

Batman and Robin: Damian sucks. I'll wait for reviews but I won't hold my breath.

Batman: The Dark Knight: I really wanted to like this but I didn't like the art and story isn't exciting enough. I'll see reviews.

Captain Atom: Too "sciencey" and just not an interesting character to me. Hope it does well, but just not for me.

Justice League International: Looks like it could be promising but not as interesting as the other JL books with characters that I know.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: *Sigh* Too much sex and objectifying woman. It seems like this could have been really awesome.

2.5 Stars: Dropping

Green Arrow: The concept of the characters seems cool but not deep enough for me. I also had the lame jokes thrown too often.

Stormwatch: WTF was going on here? I like the art but just seems like too much is going on here.

2 Stars: Not for me

Legion Lost: I'm lost. Beautiful art but no explaining of any characters, just that they time-traveled and are stuck.

Static Shock: Didn't relate to the character, didn't care for the art or the story. I didn't even finish this one.

Superboy: I really wanted to like this and it could have potential but it just doesn't track well. See my full review for more in depth.

1.5 Stars: Wish I would have saved my money

Hawk & Dove: It's not a bad comic, just not it feels like there was a big event that took place before and it's barely explained. The characters don't interest me, both their relationship and their powers.

Legion of Super Heroes: Same thing with Legion Lost except this one seemed to be even worse in art and it was a bunch of stuff I felt out of the loop on.

1 Star: UGH!!

O.M.A.C.: UGH!! I actually hated this comic and finished it only so I could really say that I disliked the entire thing. The guy looks weird, the art isn't for me, I don't even know if there is a story to this thing. I'm seriously was upset I spent any money on this.


I have to say that I think DC had an excellent idea in rebooting the DCU to grab new readers. And of course while an idea can be good, it doesn't amount to much if they are unable to execute it properly. In that respect, I think that DC did an absolutely wonderful job here; they really managed to grab me on several different comics.

What is the coolest thing about taking a risk and purchasing all of these issues is that I realized I really like a lot of different characters. If I were to have only picked out 5 issues, I know that it would have just been Batman, Detective Comics, Dark Knight, Batman & Robin, and Superman. Had I done that, I would have been rather disappointed because 3 of those weren't even that great to me.

Well, whether you agree or disagree with my opinions on the New 52, I hope you at least enjoyed a new reader's take on them and remember to take my ratings with a grain of salt. Thanks for taking the time to read this through :)

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New to Comics

As of two months ago (Sept 2011), I was completely new to the world of comics. I was always hesitant trying to get into them; it's not because I didn't think that I would enjoy them or worry about the money, it is that I literally didn't know where to start. Comics have a huge span and a deep history to follow.

The best example I can give is looking at Spider-Man and Batman. I love both these characters; I used to have the action figures, watch the cartoons, own the VHSs and still go to the movies. I just love superheroes but if I start to pique interest in getting a comic of theirs, do I start at #1 from 1940's and be bored or do I try to jump in at #600 something and feel like I missed out on so much that I can't fully appreciate it?

Well, I finally just decided to go into a local shop and admit to my fellow friendly geek that I didn't know where to start and I needed some help. It turns out that this was one of the best decisions that I have made all year. The guy was just awesome and I ended up talking to him for almost 2 hours about superheroes, both movies and what comics I might like, as well as video games and just fun stuff in general. He told me about DC's NEW 52 and that it was a perfect time for me to get into comics because a ton of popular characters were getting rebooted and it would be best to start there. He also mentioned that Marvel would be doing the same thin in 2012 with Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, etc. and that I should check those out when the time comes.

I ended up leaving that day with Detective Comics #1 and #2 (Batman has always been my favorite) and a random Wolverine one-shot comic. I devoured them in a day and could tell that comics were for me. So, I went back and got some more based on that guys recommenedations, but he wasn't working, the actual owner of the shop was. It was a treat because who better to ask about comics than someone that owns their own shop?! I ended up talking with him for about 2 hours and they actually closed about 30 minutes after I got there. It was really cool to see how passionate this guy was about comics that he was happy to stay an hour extra just to speak with someone he never met before.

After having gotten more comics than I can read right now, I have decided to pick up the first issues of all the NEW 52 and see what I like. I won't be dumping them if one issue is bad, I will be giving it at least 2 issues to see how they interest me. So, expect some new reader reviews soon!