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MFW there are people shocked by Bucky being the Winter Soldier

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@darkchild: Trusting Daemon as he always had in the past, he grasped the offered hand and shuddered. "Ugh. Hate bugs." He joked with a grin.

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So....I watched all the episodes of Supernatural in like 12 days.

Why do I torture myself so much?

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His greedy eyes betrayed his intent before he spoke. "Ja." He whispered. "But I would still like to bring my son into our fold. After I and Cain have our little showdown, I will call him. He has potential, Daemon, I promise you that."

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"A fine offer, my friend. But my son has grown into a fine young man, and I think this is just...fate. You know?" He strolled around thoughtfully. "I've lived a long time, Daemon. I feel like it's time to pass the torch. And we both know I won't stop till I'm dead. And I think I've always wanted to go down in a..." He mentally searched for the phrase, "blaze of glory." A glint in Adam's eye betrayed that he was interested in Daemon's offer. "Just for sake of argument, how would this process work? Would I be...a ghost?" He thought deep down about how he'd turned out. And that was even with a father. Could he watch his son turn into the same creature?

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Adam accepted the glass gratefully. "Honour and paradise." He echoed. Their glasses clinked together and Adam sipped the rather expensive drink thoughtfully. "Daemon. I came here for a reason." He placed the glass on a nearby table. "Do you recall an Irish mercenary by the name of Cain? He and I have a feud that I fear is coming to a head. I'm old, Daemon. Tired. I believe Cain may defeat me. I wouldn't like to leave you short-handed with my final breath, so..." He reached into his coat and retrieved a slip of paper. "That is the number for one of my, I assume, numerous children. His name is John, but I hear he goes by the codename Black Belt. He's a real chip off the old block. Call him in...oh, about a week. Tell him you know who killed me. He's as much into vengeance as I am." Adam bowed. "It was my tremendous pleasure to know you, Daemon. Send my regards to the rest of the old gang."

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"It has." Adam smirked as he entered the mansion. "And I fear it'll be longer yet 'til we next meet." He smiled. "It was an honour to be one of your soldiers, Daemon." He fished a hip flask from a pocket on the inside of his coat and took a long swig from it.

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Adam nodded at the mansion, smiling. He let out a long high-pitched whistle that was half-admiration, half-envy. He walked up to the door and knocked loudly three times.

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Adam sighed. His feud with the assassin Cain would soon reach a head. Truth was, he wasn't sure who would walk away. He wasn't sure he wanted to. Maybe...maybe he'd lived long enough. He felt the energy buzzing in the air, and buzzing inside him. He wasn't sure where he sat in Cain's mind. The mercenaries had fought, sometimes on the same side, sometimes on opposite sides. But this was different. It pervaded the air, the very fibre of his being.

He held in the smoke from his cigarette for a long moment, then let it out in a long stream. This wouldn't be about who had the best powers, the most money, or the biggest arsenal. This fight would be judged on who had the hardest heart, the strongest will. He had a sinking feeling that this would be the last time they locked horns. This end would be permanent. He flicked the cigarette butt over the edge of the ceiling he rested on and raised a bottle of whiskey. It was Cain's favourite brand. "Here's to you Irish. To you, and to me, and may the best man win.." His German accent was thick as he praised his opponent.