Issue 3: Comic Journal, February 17

Spent the day giving myself a break from studying for midterms with some Marvel vs Capcom 3 and reading some comics. Here's what I read today!  

Superboy 4 by Jeff Lemire 
Batman: No Man's Land Volumes 3-5
Pretty good stuff, to be honest. I'm really getting into Lemire's work as a writer, and his ability to do superhero, slice of life and everything in-between is really impressive. I'm starting to gain an appreciation for more types of comics through him. 
No Man's Land is something that I've been meaning to read for awhile now, as it seems pretty seminal to the Batman mythos. I truly got an idea of how bad Gotham is, and what happens to its villains when left to its own devices. The art's a little dated for my liking, but man, that story is amazing. Commissioner Gordon gains my respect, as usual.

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