Issue 2: Two new DMZ covers emerge

Two new covers for Brian Wood's series DMZ have been posted on his Tumblr this afternoon, giving us a little bit of insight into where the series is headed.  Issue #66, titled "Citizen Zee," looks to be one of  Wood's great one-shots, hopefully giving some closure to Zee's story before the end of the series with #72.   Issue #65 concludes the Free States Rising storyline, and looks to be a crossroads in the lives of two characters who've been with us the entire story so far. Matty and Zee have given us different sides of the DMZ Conflict, and look to be parting ways. A little heartbreaking, considering their kind-of-relationship. I guess time will tell on this one.   

Source: Tumblr
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Posted by Yumulu
Posted by Asymmetrical

I didn't see that DMZ #66 cover in vertigoblog but I love the idea, Wood's one-shots are his greatest strength and I've always felt Zee has been pushed to much to the side in the hopefully she'll get some closure. 
Also are you sure 70 is the last issue of DMZ? The most recent number I read was 72 (forget where, probably vertigoblog)...has Wood said it's 70?

Posted by xerox_kitty

Who is 'JPL'?  I like the second cover.

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@xerox-kitty: JP Leon (John Paul) 
EDIT: ironically, you're responsible for 50% of the images in his gallery
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@aztek the lost: lol... one image is 50% ;)  He's not a favourite of mine.  His style is usually too dark for my tastes, but this is surprisingly light & bright :)