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I'm sorry, I just have never seen why people like Superman: Red Son. I thought it was horrible.

Now, an Elseworlds where Superman was the Russian and the other American heroes were still American...that would be something. I hated the Russian Batman. Made no sense to me.

But just the fate of Superman colliding either into Kansas or the middle of USSR simply on what side of the planet was facing the rocket, now that would be worthy of exploration by a top notch writer. Mark Waid would be my pick for that story. Or has this been done??

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I created two pages that there is a name discrepancy that I am sure needs to get a consensus:

Hard-Boiled Comics and Hard-Bullied Comics

This is not the Frank Miller title. This is an independent from Goodbum Studios (Steve Earnhart) that ran for 8 issues. The first two--and I have hard copies of them--are clearly called Hard-Boiled Comics. In talking with the creator years ago, there was some injunction or something preventing him from using this title because of Frank Miller's title. So he published the remaining issues of the series under Hard-Bullied Comics and then retroactively changed the title of the first two issues to Hard-Bullied Comics. To be honest, I do not know if there were ever any physical copies printed with Hard-Bullied Comics on #1 and 2. I do know that he at least changed the picture for his online solicitations of it.

What do you think?